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The louder he spoke of his honor, the faster we counted our spoons

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I wrote a poem for America and you all here on DU.

We call ourselves the free,
but we cannot free ourselves.
Open secrets,
hidden in plain sight,
dusty tomes on our shelves.
Our society is ill,
in disarray.
who are you today?

Police state holding the mighty men,
safe in their keeps.
Looking down upon us;
lowly peasants and sheep.
Power to the people!
The words, so strong,
are but air, from our lips.
Words are merely wind;
but wind powers ships.

Old men molded the world,
and shaped the past.
They wrote the history,
they won at last.
But what man has made,
was not made to stay…
The old days are dead,
Yet they haunt us this day.

Don’t tell me what you were,
or what you’ve done.
How much you’ve taken,
how much you’ve won.
Your money,
your might,
you own the day!
we are on our way.

Old wounds not healed,
have blistered
and burst!
Our souls cry out
in desolation
and thirst.
A lustful hope,
a needful want,
that on a summer day….
will change the way….

We use and abuse,
rig the game to lose,
separate the browns from the reds,
the pinks from the blues,
the lights from the darks,
with the blacks put away.
Oh, America,
the games you play.

Time for us all
to reunify the race
there is but one –
the human
same face.
Together we are one;
but separate,
just dust.
America or bust.

My Heart Lives in Ferguson

My heart lives in Ferguson, in the streets that ran with blood
It gives a beat, for each of the feet, that walk those desperate streets
And if I make it to Ferguson, I will stand up straight and tall
And march along with my brethren and , oh, shall the mighty fall

Let us go to Ferguson, and stand us side by side
We will gather up the little ones, our living joy and pride
And when the acid burns our eyes, we shall keep them open
Know that though weak we seem, we never shall be broken

We came to you as hostages, taken from our land
And settled you us here with you, brought up by your hand
Set us free America, we are slaves no more
Yet the overseer never stays the lash, he would see us whipped and poor

Take a look at Ferguson, at the misery you have created
After all that we have done for you, we are yet still hated
Liberty and Sacrifice, we get one without the other
And when I die in your streets, who will help my Mother

Let us start with Ferguson, we have much to do
Strange Fruit blows in the breeze, and it’s all because of you
Move along America, the times they need to change
Before we all but disappear, like the Buffalo on the range

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