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The 'White Working Class' is just another form of Identity Politics

Just in case people do not understand that while they are BASHING identity politics because us mean old blacks and minorities just have it so so good and they are worried more about the 'White Working Class' than anything else in the world, here is a tip; that is also identity politics. Focusing on a group based on the color of their skin and raising them up to the utmost importance while trying to silence the rest of us is nasty and uncivil and racist. Because see, the white working class IS STILL DOING BETTER THAN THE REST OF US IN THE WORKING CLASS. So why should they be more IMPORTANT than the rest of us? Because they always have been and people are scared that will change?

Bashing identity politics in favor of the white working class is not some some selfless policy that is race neutral and helps everybody. No, it is trying to uplift white people at the expense of everybody else.

I am not surprised to see this. I remember being told many times how I deseve Donald Trump if I did not do what the white progressives told me, that I was uninformed if I made a decision they did not like, and that black folks should be educated and informed by them even if we were not interested in their lectures.

It is not progressive or leftist or liberal to try to shut down oppressed minorities even DISCUSSING their identity and how it effects their votes, in order to make white people feel better and more important. Think we dont feel LEFT OUT and IGNORED? Of course we do. This is just the first time in history where we are actually free to speak out, hundreds of years of oppression and we are finnally going to see the end of white racial hedgemony in my lifetime, or at least my kids will.

What you are feeling is only a small dose of what the rest of us deal with daily. Might as well get over the idea that the rest of us are going to hide who we are to make life easier for you politically.

Here is a nice article based on the op title. Read it several times. Think on it. And know that there are not going to be fewer of us next election season and that a great white resurgence will force us to shut up. It wont. The nation will be even darker skinned next go round and for every election ever after.
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