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How were we supposed to reach 'Rural Whites' and still maintain our base?

I mean, what were we supposed to do when we as a party represent all colors and styles and types of Americans, while Rural Whites seem to think that it is us minorities who are taking THEIR JOBS, and they blame us for their situation? I see people telling us to face 'reality' and realize that those people are 'hurting' and that we need to sympathize. How should I sympathize with a group who would swear on a bible that it is all my fault that jobs are not rushing to locate in rural, backwater towns? Am I not allowed to be offended that those people directly blame me and my supposed allies are saying I should not think that's kinda fucked up, but I should somehow agree with and sympathize with them over myself because??? Because they are white? Why are they not implored to sympathize with me? They certainly have it better than we do at this point in history, regardless of what they BELIEVE.

Blacks, Asians and Hispanics are getting a lot more of the net new jobs than their proportion of the population, but I’m not saying they are a lot happier,” Achuthan said.

He cautioned against jumping to the conclusion that minorities somehow unfairly landed jobs at the expense of whites.

It’s not like they all showed up at a job fair and someone said, ‘No, we’re taking the person of colour,'” Achuthan said. “The easiest explanation is that Asians, black and Hispanics tend to be located in the population centers, and that’s where a lot of the job growth has been.”

Whites living in rural areas may be reluctant to move to the cities for jobs, he said.

“When you’re down and out, c’mon, are you going to pack your stuff into a U-Haul, drive to an urban centre, rent a place and set up shop?”

So... How to deal with the fact that rural white voters literally believe these things about people who are dedicated and lifelong democrats, our base. How to reach them while not pretending that their views are not completely offensive to our voters, and keep our voters while somehow convincing people who already think that we gain at their expense to try to work for everyones benefit. We minorities are already here, willing to help all. We always have been. Hopefully we don't change that by pandering to people with deplorable views.
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