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The louder he spoke of his honor, the faster we counted our spoons

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George Zimmerman got punched in the face. Dylann Roof Got his ass kicked in lockup. So what?!?

Why people run around crying bitter tears for these violent maniacs and expect folks to feel bad for them is amazing. Hey, guess what? Prison is violent. Murderers get their asses kicked in prison. Rapists also get their asses kicked. So, maybe I don't feel one damn bit sorry for the kid who went into a black church to pray with parishoners and murdered them, getting a bit of a beatdown. Not my problem. And maybe I don't gaf if George Zimmerman gets punched in the mouth for brgging about Murdering Trayvon.

Maybe, just maybe, George should stfu and hide his dumb face away from people when he feels a brag coming on. And perhaps, Dylann Roof shoulda stayed his punk ass home that day and not killed my people like that up in that church. Maybe folks should feel sorrier for the millions of non violent black men who are locked up and getting worse beatdowns than these racist fucking KILLERS. Our prisons are not safe because the system knows that the prisons are mostly for blacks. They don't want to rehabilitate. Not our blacks asses. Now when white murderers start suffering the same fate as black drug dealers, here we see folks are all sad sad sad super sad at how violent our prisons are. Umm hmmm. I see through it. Poor poor little white racist killer. Poor. So sad. Umm hmm. Yeah right.
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