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Nasty Jack

Profile Information

Name: Jack E. Dunning
Gender: Male
Hometown: Cave Creek, AZ
Home country: USA
Member since: Wed Feb 20, 2013, 04:17 PM
Number of posts: 319

About Me

It is true that I am a cynic, pessimistic over what's going on in the world. As a skeptic, my initial take on issues is on the downside. What makes me optimistic is writing about it.

Journal Archives

Is the “God Particle” the link between science and religion?

It probably depends on your relationship with God, and just how important the creationist theory is in your faith. Beyond that, there is the belief in Christ that is necessary to be a true Christian. Further, religious fundamentalism is an organized, militant Evangelical movement insisting on the inerrancy of Scripture. Even more complicated is the term, “Rapture,” which is shared by many fundamentalists to explain the second coming of Christ.

So have you heard of the Higgs boson discovery, better known as the “God Particle,” without which, scientists tell us, there would be no life in the universe. Fundamentalists and Southern Baptists will no doubt have a big problem with this in relation to the creationist theory. But many will say this doesn’t matter as long as you stick to your beliefs, and there are always those who search, even demand, that we discover the secret to creation and salvation.

An Agnostic might say this is what I have been telling you all along. Since this group does believe in a God of sorts, because they can’t comprehend of a universe this complex without a creative entity, Higgs boson could be the answer to many questions. Supposition might go something like this: a deity created the “God Particle” and science took it from there in the form of the evolution of man. The term “evolution” could even take on a more positive approach in religion.

There is a huge chasm between ideology like the God Particle and passionate religious beliefs, but his new finding will probably never completely replace evolution. Or will it?

Democrats on way to securing female vote in 2014

Did these congressional leaders--Reps. Tom Cotton (Ark.), Steve King (Iowa), Bill Cassidy (La.), John Fleming (La.), Justin Amash (Mich.), Michele Bachmann (Minn.) Kristi Noem (S.D.), Paul Broun (Ga.), Tom Price (Ga.), Phil Gingrey (Ga.), Jack Kingston (Ga.), Austin Scott (Ga.) and Tim Graves (Ga.)--actually vote against a bill designed to prevent violence against women? These 13 represent a majority of the 2014 potential Senate Republican candidates. Yes, the group even included former presidential candidate from Minnesota, Michele Bachmann, who barely squeaked through in 2012. Am I wrong or is she a female? The dirty 13 blamed it on provisions related to the LGBT community, Native Americans and immigrants.

Well, they can blame it on whatever they want because the bill passed anyway, but it certainly has fired up Senate Dems to go after those seats next year.

Read more here: [link:http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/02/28/violence-against-women-act_n_2784454.html|

Congress won't suffer pay cuts in sequester

I know it's the law but don't you think this dysfunctional gang of incompetents in Congress felt smug all along realizing that their pay couldn't be touched? Of course they did. And it just gets worse when House Speaker John Boehner accuses President Obama of being the one holding up negotiations. Obama has said from the beginning that when they came back to the table for this March deadline, the deal would have to be a combination of more revenue with spending cuts. Both the GOP and Dems were behind this plan when it evolved in 2011, primarily made necessary due to the fact that Republicans were perfectly willing to allow a debt default.

Although results of the sequester won't be noticeable right away, $85 billion has to be cut from the budget, and because the framers designed this mess to be so God-awful that no rationally thinking group would let it happen, they made the cuts specifically mandatory so there would be no possibility of a strategic approach. It is hard to believe that we have mature grown men and women in Congress. We don't.

Well anyway, the Congressional Budget Office says that even with all the tax cuts looming, the economy will still grow at an inflation-adjusted rate of 1.4% this year. Not enough to help economic recovery.

Could the simple art of negotiation fix the Washington mess?

"Will the US Senate fix the Washington mess?" is the title of a recent post I did in my Nasty Jack Blog. I did an earlier post, "How to fix a broken U.S. Government,” which emphasizes the need to return to the days of Lyndon Johnson and Sam Rayburn when negotiating was not only an art, but the primary means to keep our government running smoothly. I don't want to overemphasize this political strategy, but there isn't a trace of arbitration in Washington recently, and maybe it is time to somehow force Congress to the table in issues like "Sequestration," keeping them there until they reach a decision. Attorneys do that in litigation; why not in a dysfunctional government such as we have now.

Any ideas?



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