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Nasty Jack

Profile Information

Name: Jack E. Dunning
Gender: Male
Hometown: Cave Creek, AZ
Home country: USA
Member since: Wed Feb 20, 2013, 04:17 PM
Number of posts: 295

About Me

It is true that I am a cynic, pessimistic over what's going on in the world. As a skeptic, my initial take on issues is on the downside. What makes me optimistic is writing about it.

Journal Archives

Bernie Sanders Sayings

In 1953, corporations contributed 33% of all tax dollars. Today, they contribute less than 10%.

Nasty Jack Blog

Merry Christmas...You're dead

As we end the year today, it is tragic that we have to reflect back on Christmas day 2015, with a statistic showing that 27 Americans were shot and killed on December 25, and 63 injured in shooting incidents. The Washington Post uses a comparison between the U.S. and the countries of Austria, New Zealand, Norway, Slovenia, Estonia, Bermuda, Hong Kong and Iceland, combined, that had only 27 gun deaths all year long. And the reason for this is the number of guns on the street.

As an example, Hong Kong has 0.03 gun deaths per 100,000 population compared to the United States, 10.64, the U.S 354 times more. Again based on better gun control. In Hong Kong gun ownership is tightly controlled and possession is mainly in the hands of law enforcement, the military, and private security firms. You might assume, based on this, that the United States cares less about the lives of its citizens than it does about the right to possess a gun.

And I think that would be right, based on the fact that the general population--the ones being slaughtered--support less gun control. Go figure? But the tables are turning. There is a certain faction out there that has had enough and they are speaking up, making it known that Wayne LaPierre and his National Rifle Assn. control of Congress is no longer acceptable. That daily gun deaths will not become the norm. And that new, reasonable gun control will become real, even if by Executive Order of the President.


Nasty Jack Blog

FDR was a Democratic Socialist

In case you don't know, or didn't remember, Franklin Delano Roosevelt was a Democratic Socialist and served an unprecedented four terms in office. Bernie Sanders is a Democratic Socialist but only wants to serve two terms as President. That's what the law says now, and it is probably as good for the person in office as it is for the American people. It is interesting how Presidents age while serving, most evident by their hair turning grey during their tenure. Bernie Sanders doesn't have to worry about that.

In a Politico article, it reported that "...Roosevelt implemented a series of programs that put millions of people back to work, took them out of poverty, and restored our faith in government." Sanders added, "He transformed the country, and that is what we have to do today." Do you see the parallels between the political philosophy of these two men. Each is for the working man, the impoverished and the middle class.

“And, by the way, almost everything he proposed, almost every program, every idea, was called ’socialist,'" Bernie proudly exclaims. It is obvious that Bernie Sanders has removed the tarnish from the once forbidden "S" word, and transformed its meaning so that, even back in 2010, a Gallup Poll found that 36% of Americans have a positive image of socialism.

So, those of you out there that are old enough to remember or who have studied FDR and think Sanders can't win because he is a Democratic Socialist, think again.

Nasty Jack Blog

Bernie Sanders Sayings

Carter and Reagan substantially raised the regressive Social Security tax for working Americans. From 1970 to 1990, the Social Security tax was raised nine times--an increase of 31%.

Nasty Jack Blog

Wingnut new Kentucky Governor will bring state down like Kansas

With an approval rating of 18%, Kansas Governor Sam Brownback has joined the pitiful state he has brought Kansas to. As an example Kansas has a 2015 deficit of $600 million. It was accomplished by drastically cutting taxes, making education one of the biggest losers. Just another example of a dimwit conservative who thinks the answer to everything is making the rich richer with tax cuts.

Well, monkey see, monkey do. In Kentucky where Tea Party candidate, Matt Bevin, was elected Governor in November, and promptly lowered the Minimum Wage By $3, while revoking Voting Rights For 140,000 Kentuckians. It is yet another case of a wacky TPer going off the deep end pursuing ideology just to satisfy a bunch of double-digit IQs. What has happened to this country that someone who obviously hasn't the slightest idea of what the hell he is doing can be elected to head up a state?

Tea Party support has dropped to its lowest level ever, with only 17% backing the organization. Sorta in the category of John Brownback, also a Tea Party loser. The LA Times did a 2014 article about Brownback that says it all: "How Tea Party tax cuts are turning Kansas into a smoking ruin." It's only a matter of time until Kentucky duplicates the Kansas "success."

Nasty Jack Blog

Bernie Sanders Sayings

Reagan, with the support of a Democratic Congress, cut the top federal tax rate for the riches Americans from 70% to 28%.

Nasty Jack Blog

Francis...The People's Pope

For once we have a Pope that has become the People's Pope of the world. For the first time all faiths look upon this man as a great religious leader because he speaks not just for the Catholics but all the human race, and animals as well, everywhere. I am not a Catholic, not even a Christian, but an Agnostic that literally hangs on every word Pope Francis says. I don't always agree with him, but I know what he is saying is sincere and from the heart. He will go down in history as a great leader but that is for later.

An MSNBC article lists Pope Francis as a different kind of Pope because of a broadened horizon where he stood up for equal pay for women, forgiveness for women who have received abortions, and couples that have been divorced or remarried. He's even been on the back of world leaders to do something about climate change before it is too late. While he he hasn't accepted same-sex marriage, one point I disagree with him on, he has at least tried to understand the problems of the LGBT community by working and talking with them. The Pope attended a luncheon for the homeless in New York, which is what we call getting down in the trenches.

He has tried to give those imprisoned hope and he has met with abuse victims of the Catholic Church. In other words, this man has managed to spread himself thin over the problems of the world but maintaining the importance of every issue. I am not a religious person but Pope Francis seems to bring out the best in me every time I hear him speak or read about his achievements.

Nasty Jack Blog

Bernie Sanders Sayings

From 1971 to 1981, the combined Social Security and income tax bills of median income families shot up 329%, while the combined tax bills of individuals and families with income of more than $1 million fell 34%.

Watch for my new novel, Nymphomania Bloodlust

In the future The Dunning Letter will be devoted to writers and what they write about. Since I will be publishing my first novel, Nymphomania Bloodlust, soon under the imprint, 2D4 Press, I will do reviews on my book and give some insight into the world of the supernatural and its vampires and werewolves. My story settings are divided between the Superstition Mountains, just southeast of Phoenix, Arizona, and the city of Phoenix itself.

Many of you will recognize the Superstitions as the home of Jacob “Dutchie” Walzer’s Lost Dutchman Mine and the mysterious locale where hikers and greedy prospectors explore, with some never seen again. Nymphomania Bloodlust promises the same suspense as those old tales, but is driven by a couple of paranormal beings that wreak havoc with targeted Arizona politicians. You won't be disappointed.

I also plan to review other new writers that I find from a number of sources I have collected that publish new titles. Be sure and look for your book on The Dunning Letter.

Here's why Bernie Sanders should be Democratic nominee

If you have the people you have the votes and this is just what Bernie Sanders is doing. Bernie "has broken the record for the number of individual contributions received at this point during a presidential campaign," as reported Monday by the Huff Post. He hit 2.3 million contributions during last Saturday's debate, breaking Obama's record of 2.2 million donations in 2012. It is significant to me that he broke the record of the man who beat Clinton in 2008. People were pissed off by Sander's treatment by the DNC and its chair, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz.

So far I cannot find Hillary Clinton's number of individual donors, but that may be withheld due to the fact that she is funded by many corp. donors and PACs, unlike Sanders. Individual donors translate into voters, as compared to large PAC contributions; I would hope individuals who are committed by their money given would also tend to go to the polls. Obviously Bernie's $41.2 million doesn't match Clinton's $76 million, but there is something to be said for those who donate what they can to the man they are convinced represents their best interests.

It seems Wasserman-Schultz DNC has lit a fire under Bernie Sander's followers with $1 million raised just during the Friday before the debate when the rumpus was going on. You see, Bernie's supporters know when he needs them and they come to his aid with what they can give. I'm pretty sure the candidate can depend on those same followers to come to his aid in November of 2016.

Nasty Jack Blog
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