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Nasty Jack

Profile Information

Name: Jack E. Dunning
Gender: Male
Hometown: Cave Creek, AZ
Home country: USA
Member since: Wed Feb 20, 2013, 04:17 PM
Number of posts: 319

About Me

It is true that I am a cynic, pessimistic over what's going on in the world. As a skeptic, my initial take on issues is on the downside. What makes me optimistic is writing about it.

Journal Archives

Tennessee Hillbilly Proves GOP Abortion Hypocrisy

It's okay for my dumb constituents but not for me. That's how Tenn. Republican Representative Scott DesJarlais characterized his position on abortion. This yokel was one of 242 in his party to vote for a proposed 20-week abortion ban that has become one of the top priorities for the current GOP-controlled Congress. But ThinkProgress reports that DesJarlais "has advocated for at least three legal abortions in his personal life." He supported his ex-wife’s decision to legally end two pregnancies and then pressured his 24-year-old mistress to abort her pregnancy she claims was his child. A researcher reported that many will oppose abortion for years then terminate their own unwanted pregnancy. One of his subjects once told him, “Most pro-life women oppose abortion with four exceptions: rape, incest, the life of the mother, and me.” But Scott DesJarlais is simply a con artist posing as a U.S. Representative. Pathetic!

Nasty Jack

Bernie Sanders Says...Hillary Clinton Does

On May 6, Bernie Sanders introduced a bill in Congress to break up the nation's biggest banks. On May 19, in Cedar Falls, IA, Hillary Clinton said she wants one thing to be crystal clear: she is not afraid to stand up to Wall Street. Sanders makes his case that if they are too big to fail and they do, they will bring the American economy down with it and we've already bailed these monsters out once. Here's a quote from Huff Post:

"There are 45 million people living in poverty and we have the highest rate of childhood poverty of any major country on earth. Half of the American people have less than $10,000 in savings and have no idea how they will retire with dignity. Real unemployment is not 5.5 percent - it's close to 11 percent." Hillary said on CNN, "It's not the big banks that need relief from Washington -- it's small banks and small businesses. We should be doing more to rein in risky behavior on Wall Street and 'Too Big to Fail.'" But Alternet recently reported, "Bill Clinton did not become president without sharing the friendships, associations, and ideologies of the elite banking sect, nor will Hillary Clinton."

Either Bernie Sanders is bringing Hillary Clinton more to the left or Clinton is simply appeasing potential Progressive voters to win the primary. However, in the case of Bernie sanders' candidacy we know where he will stand when elected. He has maintained this same position for all of his congressional tenure.

Nasty Jack

Cancer Can Kill Your Pocketbook

Four cancer charities run by various members of the same family duped donors out of $187 million from 2008 through 2012, spending only 3% on cancer patients. The other 97% went to support the opulent lifestyles of the con artists. "Donated funds were used to pay for vehicles, personal consumer goods, college tuition, gym memberships, Jet Ski outings, dating website subscriptions, luxury cruises, and tickets to concerts and professional sporting events," the complaint says. There was "rampant nepotism," according to an article by CNN that linked James Reynolds to his son, his son's wife, two sisters, a family mother and the accused list goes on. The government is taking appropriate action to shut them down but you can bet it won't be long before they open under a new name with a fresh P.O. box number.

Greed is here to stay as evidenced by the fact that I witnessed this same behavior in the junk mail business starting in the late 60s, and it had already been around for years. It's so easy to open a post office box, get a list of names--gullibles, I call them--and send them an offer they can't resist. Catch them and the box is closed and they move on, sometimes even to a new city. In the 1970s the rage was the "cancer scare" which alluded to the fact that the recipient may not have cancer now but there was a good chance they would in the future. For a few bucks you could buy their insurance which was basically worthless. The worst part is that the junk mail industry condoned this because of the revenue it produced. And that is the reason it will never go away.

Nasty Jack

It's Official-Fox News Viewers Are Really That Dumb

In a 2011 PublicMind poll conducted by New Jersey's Farleigh Dickinson University, it was found that not only do Fox News viewers score lower on current events than viewers of other new channels when tested. This group actually knows "less correct information about current events than people who watch no television news at all," according to the report. Further, Dan Cassino, Professor of political science at Farleigh Dickinson University, revealed what we already know, that most Fox viewers are conservatives, which makes me come to the conclusion that Republicans are ill-informed. That would partially account for their stupid moves in Congress. Examples of this are Fox viewers erroneous fixations on Benghazi and President Obama’s birth certificate. Now I know that this study is dated but I'll bet that most thinking individuals will agree that Fox News has only gotten worse in its bogus reporting in the last four years.

Nasty Jack

Can a Hacker Take Over Control of a Plane?

A cyber-security consultant by the name of Chris Roberts says he could have taken over the controls on a United Airlines flight from Denver to Chicago but didn't. Apparently "Roberts had posted tweets in the past about hacking into the plane he was traveling on and possibly activating the emergency passenger oxygen masks." It would appear that Roberts might have tampered with electronic control boxes under his seat and the seat in front of him connecting to in-flight entertainment systems to do his hacking. But Boeing quickly commented that these systems are isolated from flight and navigation systems.

Roberts claims to have done this 15 to 20 times between 2011 and 2014, and FBI experts think he both had the ability and equipment to get into the planes' flight control systems. He alleges that he "caused one of the airplane engines to climb resulting in a lateral or sideways movement of the plane during one of these flights." Roberts says he used a modified Ethernet cable to connect his laptop to the entertainment flight system electronic control boxes under his seat. The point here is that, if Roberts can do it, terrorists can do it, and it's a given they won't just wave the wings around for show and tell. The plane will end up smashing into a building, or the side of a mountain or at the bottom of the ocean.

Computer security experts have been warning of this possibility for years but, as usual, the business community refuses to act until an incident such as this forces them to, and on many occasions the delays have resulted in death. Unfortunately, it all continues to stem from the bottom line.

Nasty Jack

Tea Party Says Gay Marriage Goal to Eradicate Christianity

The Tea Party crazies are at it again. This time it's one of the top conservative fruitcakes, Phyllis Schlafly, saying that gay marriage advocates are targeting Christian businesses to "wipe out" the Christian religion. As reported in the Tea Party Newsletter, these Christian businesses are the objective of gays but not Muslims, Hindus and businesses of other faiths. Could it be that these other faiths don't have the big mouths that Christianity, backed by the blowhard Tea Party and various radicals on the religious right? People want their rights and the LGBT community is willing to go after them, and I feel sure most of the American public agrees, it isn't right to not to sell a wedding cake to a couple just because they are gay.

Nasty Jack

Experts Predict Firearms Deaths Will Surpass Vehicle Deaths

Firearms deaths in Missouri in 2013, the most recent federal data available, surpassed vehicle deaths and significantly, 880 to 781. Unfortunately, this trend is also prevalent in 17 additional states. A Kansas City mom asks, “How did we as a community get to this point and everybody still be OK with it?” This was following the death of her 26-year-old son who was shot and killed in his K.C. apartment. But the scary part is that this is a trend and some experts "predict that for the first time in decades, firearms will kill more people nationwide this year than motor vehicles." Gun deaths are down about 15 percent from their 1990s peak, however there is a slow growth of firearm deaths nationwide over the last decade. Over the years from 1972 to 2013 vehicle deaths dropped to 35,612 from 54,589. This was due to consumer highway campaigns to make the driving experience safer. Sadly, today's gun culture refuses to take a lesson from this success.

Nasty Jack


Back as early as 2013, 58% of the public approved of legalizing marijuana. In 2015, Pew Research says 53% favor with 44% against. The question now is what new Atty. General Loretta Lynch will do in response to the urging of the Supreme Court for the Justice Dept. to take a position. Eric Holder before her exclaimed that he wouldn't challenge the states with legal marijuana. But Lynch, in her confirmation hearings, expressed strong views in favor of upholding the federal ban on marijuana. However, she didn't agree with Obama that it was more dangerous than alcohol. In Slate's examination of the first year of legalization (medical and recreational) apparently state teens did not increase their use as predicted. Number of drug related crimes remained steady or dropped. And a significant increase in highway fatalities due to drug us never happened as opponents prophesied. "Retail and medical weed generated more than $60 million in tax and licensing revenue for the state in 2014," much of which went to schools and the regulatory system. So what's the problem and that is something Loretta Lynch will have help decide.



In a February report from the Brady Center, they found that suicide by firearm increased among American adolescents for the third consecutive year. Before you gun nuts question the figures, it comes from the latest fatal injury data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). You remember the CDC don't you, the organization that has been compiling information on gun violence for years that the National Rifle Assn. would not allow to be released. Well it's out there now and the numbers are appalling. In 2013, suicide by firearm claimed 876 lives among adolescents ages 10 to 19, the highest level since 2001. Most of these youth suicides occur with a gun belonging to a family member, usually a parent. And therein lays the problem: irresponsible parents leaving firearms unsecured so the kids can just fetch them up and blow theirs or their brother or sister's brains all over the couch.

Brady says that parents who think having a gun in the house is a safeguard are missing the point entirely because the CDC data says that having a gun in the home dramatically increases the danger that a child will be shot and killed. Further, the same holds true for preventable accidents and school shootings, including the tragedy at Sandy Hook. It’s usually a gun that belonged to a parent or a relative. This might give some credence to what the NRA is constantly flashing in the face of gun control advocates, that "Guns don't kill, people do."
In this case guns don't kill, feckless gun-owning parents do.

The Brady Center’s analysis of the latest CDC fatal injury data shows:

States with the most gun deaths (Alaska, Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, and Wyoming) had high rates of gun ownership. Conversely, states with the fewest gun deaths (Hawaii, Massachusetts, New York, Connecticut, and Rhode Island) had low rates of gun ownership.

In 2013, firearm-related injuries were the second most common cause of death for children and teens ages 1-19. Only motor vehicles were responsible for more deaths among this age group.

Following a decrease in 2012, the unintentional gun death rate for children and teens rose 15% in 2013.

It's hard to argue with these cold facts but I am sure the gun nuts will.

For those of you who care to look at my blog, you can see it here: http://nastyjackbuzz.blogspot.com/ For those of you who don't, please don't look at it.


How do we interpret Hillary Clinton's comment on Benghazi, "What difference does it make?" It was in reference to whether the terrorists were just out on a casual walk and decided to attack the embassy, or was this an official protest. And does it make any difference either way or at all. Four Americans died including Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens. The big question is, whose fault was it, and could it have been averted. David Brooks, conservative writer for the New York Times says it is not fair to blame Clinton since this all happened at an operational level that she can't be blamed for. Another report says that more protection was needed at the embassy and allege that Stevens asked for it, but there is no indication of which level of the State Dept. was responsible. Right now Hillary Clinton's congressional testimony is up for grabs due to scheduling problems. The committee’s chairman, Rep. Trey Gowdy has done his best to keep this in the news and it may be the reason for her recent drop in the polls.

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