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Profile Information

Name: Mike
Gender: Male
Hometown: Newport, OR
Home country: USA
Current location: Newport, OR
Member since: Thu Mar 14, 2013, 06:07 PM
Number of posts: 1,520

Journal Archives

Post appreciated

Thanks for the revealing post that explains why the right wing media and other bought and paid for Koch politicians were so quick to try to make a hero of that racist deadbeat from Nevada. In a strange way it took Bundy to so vividly expose the insidious aims of The Fox political party of millionaire hypocrites and Republican extreme representatives.

Ignorance + racism

I do not have the stomach to listen to Limbaugh. I do read reports of his abuse of the airwaves and this one reinforces the fact that this sorry excuse for a human being, in addition to spouting his racist beliefs, is happy in spreading ignorance. He is probably the single most divisive person in America. How any advertiser can be associated with him is beyond me.


In my business I often meet folks who work hard at what they do, have a mortgage, family and food on the table yet are one pay check away from disaster who consistently vote the Republican ticket. When I point out they are voting against their own best self interest and that of their kids they invariably thoughtlessly respond with talking points taken directly from Fox and right wing radio. In a few shocking cases it is their pastor who reinforces those talking points. I fear that the innate selfishness of their message will not change until something disastrous occurs in a personal way.
I regret the unfortunate circumstances and welcome the change of priorities.

Cheney's enthusiasm for war

This may be a bit off topic, but prior to the big push for war -at least publicly - there was much speculation on Wall Street that Halliburton may have to declare bankruptcy and consequently Cheney would lose much of his twenty mil golden parachute. It is now known what happened to that corporation after war became a sad reality. There are still some who claim the war was more about the biggest ripoff in the history of this country than it was about politics.

Auctions vs Elections

A friend from Australia once commented that we do not have elections in this country-- what we have are carefully orchestrated auctions. There is no disputing that politicians basically are owned by corporations and the super rich. Democracy was not supposed to work this way.

Corporate journalists

I recall an obscure interview of a journalist,who after spending three years in Russia working for a magazine returned to work here in the US, saying he was amazed, shocked and frightened by the similarity with the Moscow structure he had found here. He was not only referring to what was allowed to be reported in the major corporate owned media, but the political power wielded by this select few because of the millions of dollars they are able to spend to extend their interests. This was before the Supreme Court further legalized political bribery.
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