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Name: Mike
Gender: Male
Hometown: Newport, OR
Home country: USA
Current location: Newport, OR
Member since: Thu Mar 14, 2013, 06:07 PM
Number of posts: 1,546

Journal Archives

I suspect this was part of the ultimate goal of

those behind the orchestrated dumbing down of America. As has been said, Fox 'news', in conjunction with talk radio hatred led and is leading the charge. The table has been set.

There's a hell of a lot more here

than we know so far, suspect, or even begin to imagine. There are many security professionals who serve their country with integrity and will not let the undeniable Russian connection be another five day story. What passes for journalism in the mainstream media is a national disgrace. A rew of the security experts will publicly display their loyalty to our country by releasing the real damning evidences that can only point in one direction...

Almost a year ago my eye doctor told me what is needed is for the

Republican Party to to be politically smashed and the bacteria excised before being rebuilt by balanced people. In that sense he said Trump was a useful idiot. Little did he know that Trump would prove himself to also be a useful idiot to the tyrant Putin. Today I watched an old movie on TCM entitled "Confessions of a Nazi Spy" and once again was reminded of how cherished our democracy is - my ballot was resting on top of the nearby fireplace - and how much Trump is a malignant cancerous threat to it. He is not a sane person. He has to be rejected and then ignored, but not before being filed away as a reminder never to let it happen again.

Sort of cautious elation here. I have experienced personally

what happens to a nation when politicians and people put party ahead of country. It is necessary for the GOP to be demolished as it currently exists. Only then can it be rebuilt in a less fanatical and demagoguery basis. Unfortunately they do not seem to accept that they directly empowered the piece of human garbage called Trump.

Desperately hope your logical business extension pans

out. I suspect the resultant personal psychological damage will be a reality show we will luckily not be privy to. As much as I despise the man, it will not be a sight to see. He should be ignored, not forgotten. A fascist, racist tax evading demagogue who lies constantly is not for this proud democracy.

This expresses my frustration also. Only a criminal would plead

the fifth 97 times. I often wonder if the defenders of Trump realize the excuses they so glibly manufacture out of thin air says as much about themselves as it does about the bigot Trump. My conclusion has been it is a reflection of the relationship they have with themselves.

Hard not to deduce Lewandowski was hired by Zucker because

of his long relationship with Trump. Zucker should be ashamed of himself, as Trump himself would say if......

Because of her obvious GOP bias I stopped watching/listening to her a long time ago. Once

when she sat in for Chris Matthews l was angry enough to write a letter to the producer about it. Nothing changed of course.

I think you are right. No one

likes to be played, especially a professional in the public's eye. I also hope it will remind them of how much they have failed the American people by not doing the hard work of real investigative journalism. We are still waiting..

Exactly. It is reinforced by the alarming program the

Russian propaganda apparatus has focused on supporting Trump and by his refusal to release his tax returns. Putin did the same for Eastern European leaders indebted to him. I see all these people applauding and cheering Trump on and am constantly amazed by their ignorance. The nation is at a very scary place, dragged there by Trump and the GOP that incubated him.
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