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Name: Mike
Gender: Male
Hometown: Newport, OR
Home country: USA
Current location: Newport, OR
Member since: Thu Mar 14, 2013, 06:07 PM
Number of posts: 1,520

Journal Archives

I agree this Presidency is a crime and therefore should logically be

illegitimate. Because it is has not been declared as such, at least so far, is going to be the wake up call we as a nation desperately need. This l truly believe. I also believe that wake up call will eventually result in getting big dark money out of politics, leveling the playing field, universal healthcare, more affordable education and a renewed reawakening of civic responsibilities. That is going to be the result of all the GOP corruption, crimes and betrayal that have disgraced this nation. 2018 will see the beginning of that tsunami and 2020 the culmination. I will stay, believe and resist with with every fiber of my being not to accept as inevitable the country which has become almost unrecognizable.
Happy Holidays all.

Totally agree it is ignorant arrogance to assume we are the only

Ďcivilizedí planet. As a species what we have achieved was done within the last 50b years. Imagine what another species conceivably could have achieved in 500b years - things like harvesting the power of the stars or dark matter. Fascinating stuff to think about. As a species we could use some humility in our mad rush to destroy the only home we now have.

I am less optimistic. Dotard has been cultivated and schooled

for years by Putin on how to use well tested dictatorial propaganda tools. Now that he controls the levers of power, Fox state television station, thousands of radio outlets and church pulpits his ideological checklist is being slowly fed to the unwary. Russia, Turkey and Egypt are among his businesses models. The recent fraudulent onslaught on Mueller ominously supported by traitors in Congress is part of the attempt to get rid of him. It is not scare mongering to say much of the fate of our nation rests on Muellerís shoulders. Worth noting that the governments of his business models were subverted for the purpose of making billionaires of their ruling families. Dotard is only capable of respecting money and itís power. And Mueller stands in his way while our Constitution is literally under attack and very few seem to notice. Dotardís recent little understood statement that unfortunately people will die is a very sobering reality check.

The problems outlined are very real and the extent of their

magnitude can be overwhelming. As a people we are not completely powerless as the immense opposition to the healthcare repeal outrage proved. It also showed us that when smart and caring women beside determined men decide to defend their families, and by extension society as a whole, what we are truly capable of doing. Women for too long have been excluded from the corridors of real political power. The recent elections gives reason for hope that we can have a better nation and a better world. Those who use a $ yardstick to measure everything cannot be allowed to continue to hoard power and resources solely for themselves.
The work to level the gerrymandering playing field being done by President Obama and ex AG Eric Holder was recently highlighted by Rachel who went to great length to stress that itís importance cannot be overstated. The $ hoarders fear the real and more powerful currency, which is knowledge.
Happy thanksgiving all.

It's easy to say Comey did not want Hillary to win. But that also

makes little sense as the alternative would have had to be trump, someone he reportedly despised. His double standard has been exposed, yet what really motivated him remains obscure. That does not make the anger any less, especially since there has been no accountability. I hope Hillary eventually challenges the overall legitimacy of the apparent criminal enterprise that's trying to rule.

Yup. His debt doubled in 2016. The Wall Street Journal placed

it at a total of $1.8 billion owed by all his companies.

The good doctor is so correct. Racism is tolerated as long

as it does not make a scene. It is the subtle form, the one that seems to naturally think the worst that often is the cruelest. She is in possession of a degree of courage that not many are capable of fully understanding. She has my utmost respect.

Mentioned this elsewhere on DU: Richard Painter stated on AM Joy

today that he believes Unite the Right and other Nazi / white supremacist groups are being funded by Putin, who most certainly was watching the results of his scheme with glee. Seems a logical extension of his destabilization plan. Maybe the money trail being followed by CI will confirm it.

Trump for a long time now has been cherry picking from

the playbooks of Hitler, Putin and Erdogan. He has publicly described despots as strong while clearly showing affinity to authoritarian regimes. The stark reality is that the inevitable consequences of the Mueller investigation may have precipitated a new urgency in his timetable. Personally l do not think he will succeed, but trump will certainly try. It is a better option than forfeiture of prized properties and possible jail time.

I know this is out of left field, but first trump fires Comey and then

next day brings the Russians into the Whitehouse and brags about relieving the pressure from the investigation. Next he meets Putin out of earshot of any American and on his return he threatens to get rid Mueller. He also insults Sessions, hoping toreplace him with someone who will essentially protect him and apparently the investments Putin has in him. Are there dots to be connected there?.
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