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Profile Information

Name: Mike
Gender: Male
Hometown: Newport, OR
Home country: USA
Current location: Newport, OR
Member since: Thu Mar 14, 2013, 06:07 PM
Number of posts: 1,520

Journal Archives

If Betsy DeVos has her way it will be the education policies she

so blindly advocates that will be responsible for the inability to count to one hundred. She represents something new - one of the Trump oligarchs.

There is good reason to believe if the GOP keeps pushing

for ACA repeal, continues obstructing the Trump/Russia investigations, not compelling Trump to release his tax returns and casting a blind eye to his craven conflicts of interest they will be handing the house to the Democrats. We will see what happens in Georgia in June.

I'm relatively new to DU and no political scientist, but it has been

obvious for some time now that there has been an ongoing and concentrated effort to sow the maximum amount of dissent among members by certain posters who apparently represent their own shadowy agendas. Because democracy is an often messy process it is easy to allow those elements to manipulate the impressionable. I say this simply as a warning and reminder that there are bigger fish to fry. Simple - united we stand, divided we fall. Pardon the cliche. Note: Ask who benefits?

I may be wrong, but l think as long as we are wise enough to set

national priorities that we all agree on and remain focused on that the petty stuff will fall away. I have read many times here statements about country before party. That does not mean abandoning individual core beliefs. It does mean a critical logical approach to problem solving that effectively reflects the diversity we represent. Right now we have to rescue our country from a kleptocratic family and political party. My two cents.

Think you are correct. There are way too many loose threads for them to

do anything else but wait. For the reputations that been gambled and money at stake don't think for one minute it will be going away. As Rumsfeld might say, there are too many known unknowns.

All the IC experts say it will be a complicated and

time consuming investigation that for a while will not be on the front pages, but that it will be back with a vengeance. A look at any of the cursory charts available of those with Russian connections confirms that assessment. They have to get it right IMHO.

Surely Trump and his kleptocratic family must know

the political damage the shoveling of all those taxpayers dollars into his businesses is ultimately going to do. Maybe they realize full exposure of their crimes is not far away and are, as they say, making hay while the sun shines. And maybe they really do think they are above the law. Hope they and the horse they rode in all go down.

I too am of that mindset. Always felt the polling

could not have been that consistently wrong. The integrity of the voting process is the single most important thing Trump and his gang put up for sale to the Putin crime syndicate.

I thought RT is part of the Putin propaganda

machine. Makes for interesting speculation. Like maybe Putin is firing a warning shot across Trump's bow.

Becoming more and more obvious that the strings

controlling Trump are being pulled in the Kremlin by Putin. The puppet (yes there is a puppet there) is much more than an embarrassment.
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