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Name: Mike
Gender: Male
Hometown: Newport, OR
Home country: USA
Current location: Newport, OR
Member since: Thu Mar 14, 2013, 06:07 PM
Number of posts: 1,185

Journal Archives

It would be foolish not to think Manafort still has

at least one very influential individual in the administration representing him and what he was paid for. This is more than a 'smell of treason in the air.'

There is a very real possibility that right now there is at least one Russian

mole inside the Whitehouse that has been activated. Could Ivana be one? Unbelievable that we have good reasons to be speculating about such a possibility. Certainly the IC must be doing the same and more. It would be interesting to know if the Russian / Trump investigation involves special spy hunting division of the IC.

Seem to recall one of Trump's sons saying that his father's tax

returns would not be released because they could be used against him. Nobody asked him in what way? Have not seen any journalist follow this up.

This l find irreconcilable. If Comey thought Clinton represented corruption, what the

hell was he thinking about Trump? Certainly he had access to all, or most of the dirty information on Trump. Maybe Comey is just a bad politician? There are many questions about his motivation and his loyalty to the law that have to answered. If he supports automatic rule then he clearly has divided loyalties. With Trump and the plutocrats around him it is not all about money. There is something much more sinister there. In certain intelligence circles Trump has been called a useful fool of Putin. Their coverup of the facts- whatever they may be- can only last so long.

Rachel is a national treasure. Her carefully researched reporting

is a reminder of what has to done to prevent us going the way of Turkey. Make no mistake, Trump and his cast of questionable cabal are not interested in governing. They are interested in ruling, personal enrichment and exploitation.

Those of us who were telling friends and relatives that Trump

was using Hitler's playbook early on were met with outright skepticism. Some of those people - at least those who took the time to do the research- are not so sure now. We have to use that very fear as a means to enlightenment.

Especially monstrous when you are reminded the man receives

the best quality health insurance paid for by some of the very people he wants to condemn to death. Words really are inadequate.

The web they have woven, and continue to weave, involves gigantic

plots of geopolitical ambitions, money laundering to facilitate those plans and enrich those involved, and at best criminal activities, or worse espionage. The keys to them all will be found in an independent investigation of the Trump organization and its five hundred 'companies'. Until that is done we will all be still trying to connect the dots. Following the slime left by the money trail has to be done.

The humanity of organized religion has been so corrupted by ugly

politics, business and charlatans that pretty much nothing surprises me because l believe religion was invented by mankind as a way to indoctrinate and control the masses. That does not mean there is not a supreme being, or that spirituality does not exist. Viewed from that perspective people like Paul Ryan can be better seen for the power hungry hollow hypocrites that they are.

I do not support the idea that the leak is a plot to flip

Priebus. I think there are really decent agents who are disgusted with what has been going on, somehow became privy to the information and knowing Comey would do nothing decided to go to the press as the logical alternative. We need such agents now more than ever if we are to get the full extent of the campaign's link with Russian FSB, how much of Trump they invested in through the oligarchs that surround Putin and how his tax returns play into it.
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