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Name: Mike
Gender: Male
Hometown: Newport, OR
Home country: USA
Current location: Newport, OR
Member since: Thu Mar 14, 2013, 06:07 PM
Number of posts: 1,520

Journal Archives

Don't think it's about trying to stay in power. There is deep within

the Pentagon evidence that could conceivably expose the betrayal of this country by powerful people within the GOP. This is more likely an attempt to get at and destroy that damning evidence. It almost certainly will not succeed. Again, this is speculation on my part.

I suspect only one thing is certain about what the orange stained

Mussolini does after Jan 20 is that he will be looking for the easiest way of making money that will require the least amount of work. He desperately wants to replace his lavish tax payer funded lifestyle, and will be guided by his mob mentality of the law. One obvious option is the selling of state secrets while using it to blackmail vulnerable leaders. Any media business he may control will be like another losing roll of the dice in one of his bankrupt casinos. Whatever he chooses his future will be grim, simply because of the person he is, and has become.

In it's simplest moral, ethical and legal form either we are a nation

of laws, or we are not. We have to also decide what we want to leave for the next generation, and ultimately the planet. Justice should indeed be blind, not dependent on political considerations.

Excellent analysis that dovetails with the traitor's allegiance

to Putin in that by creating as much chaos and distrust of the democratic process he is also trying to ensure a future Russian financial bailout of his failing investments. The fact that he is truly an evil person who casually uses his power to destroy anything decent is undeniable.

There has been some speculation that his installation of sycophants

at the Pentagon could be attempts to seek out and destroy damning documents that show the depth of his betrayal to the country he took an oath to protect. According to Malcolm Nance the Pentagon is so vast it is almost impossible to do so before Jan. 20th. Personally l think it highly likely that CI has a black file somewhere that keeps both tRump and Putin awake at nights.

He should, for the many excellent reasons already expressed here, be

prosecuted. There is also another reason. tRump desperately needs continued Russian financial support. For him to get that he has to remain relevant to Putin, therefore he has to be able to continue his chaos vendetta against America. It is possible full exposure of his many crimes will diminish his capabilities to do so. Alternatively it may do the opposite. Tough call, even without the many other political ramifications. Also outside possibility Putin will solve it if he concludes there are huge geopolitical benefits for him. Putin is loyal only to people he can use.

Trump in his sick mind imagines himself much larger than he

is, and that feeds his incompetency. Right now he is focused on revenge, lashing out at the institutions that did not bow down to the greatest cannibal this country has ever seen. The legal challenges will ultimately fail. The real danger will likely begin if and when he holds his Mussolini style rallies for whatever bogus public reasons. Even then l think saner minds in the crowds will prevail, and the cannibal will not be able to satiate his gruesome appetite for power. We also have to understand that he is attempting to set the stage for a future attempt to destroy our democracy.

His virulent mind is currently filled with rage. The need for

revenge feeds into his incessant need to help Russia. Every time tRump falsely claims the election was corrupt Putin reminds his people they do not need western style democracy - his greatest fear. He undoubtedly will continue to do institutional damage, but l do not think he will succeed in his ultimate goal - total dictatorship. It is the fact that he is trying, and has GOP support, that is worth being discussed.

Think it has the potential to hurt dime store Mussolini nationally because:

1) RW terrorists planned trial and execution of targeted governor.
2) Takeover of capital building.
3) Attacks on prime law enforcement targets.
4)Ultimate goal was to ignite a civil war.
All motivated by tRumpís obvious political tactics. People will connect the dots and their conclusion
will be damning when coupled with his refusal to commit to a peaceful transfer of power.

Putin geopolitically usually hedges his bets. For him this is

uncharacteristically transparent. Could be a reality forced response to Bidenís warning of a few weeks ago, and his instincts of self survival. Either way tRump will surely fail to see it as foreshadowing his doom.
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