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Member since: Thu May 2, 2013, 11:20 AM
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CORONAVIRUS 'Vigilante treatments': Anti-vaccine groups push people to leave ICUs

Iím OK with this.


Anti-vaccine Facebook groups have a new message for their community members: Donít go to the emergency room, and get your loved ones out of intensive care units.

Consumed by conspiracy theories claiming that doctors are preventing unvaccinated patients from receiving miracle cures or are even killing them on purpose, some people in anti-vaccine and pro-ivermectin Facebook groups are telling those with Covid-19 to stay away from hospitals and instead try increasingly dangerous at-home treatments, according to posts seen by NBC News over the past few weeks.

NY Health Commissioner repeals mask mandate for unvaxxed after federal lawsuit filed

As stated by their headline, right wing antivaxxers are celebrating and taking credit for a repeal of the New York State mask mandate that never happened.


In actuality the June 16, 2021 regulation, which included an exception for vaccinated persons from the NY mask mandate, was repealed and replaced on August 27.

The replacement regulation continues the mask mandate.


Texas school puts its first black principal on leave in furor over Critical Race Theory

"I am not the CRT (Critical Race Theory) Boogeyman. I am the first African American to assume the role of Principal at my current school in its 25-year history, and I am keenly aware of how much fear this strikes in the hearts of a small minority who would much rather things go back to the way they used to be," he wrote.

Whitfield, who is married to a white woman, was also asked by the school district to remove photos with the couple together, with complaints saying they were inappropriate.

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