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Member since: Wed May 8, 2013, 05:32 PM
Number of posts: 120

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K & R n/t

NO. Entirely too Neo-Liberal!

Seriously, thank you, SalmonChantedEvening! EOM

Mesh Net, is what you are talking about. n/t

I came across this,

and was a bit amazed. This makes a lot of sense out of the, "They were elites, themselves" meme.


K & R; What he said.

K & R n/t

There is no "capital", until there is "labor".

Even Joe Kennedy, who "made" the Kennedys rich, made "his" money from the labor of his loaders, etc.

"The Gate to Women's Country" by Sheri Tepper, & most of her others. n/t

I'm thinking you "can't get it" George,

because "the main message" actually is very obvious. I've seen it from the beginning, from way over here in rural Texas. The message is simply that not every thing needs to bought or sold, and we don't need merchants to live our lives. That is an actuality in the real human world that has been programed out of a lot of us.
There are obviously, enormous ramifications to the profit/looting industries if/when this begins to become a reality in lots of peoples lives.
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