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Member since: Wed May 8, 2013, 05:32 PM
Number of posts: 120

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To Sabrina 1, replying to George II's post:

This is infuriating to me. You, who were apparently involved with OWS in the real world have less credibility than the spun myth, even reporting real-world events that refute the myth. Why I have so few posts.
Thank you for your contributions to the discussion.

I smell irony. n/t

You're not Fucked up,

to feel fucked up in a fucked up environment.

The whole thing is a meta-manipulation? n/t

I'm sorry,

but I think that this is a sop, thrown to distract us. Do you notice that the "advances" are only on "social issues"?

Client-Side encryption, PGP

Pretty-Good-Privacy is client side encryption. As I understand it, the message is not "in the clear" at any time during transmission. If your, or the recipients, PC is "bugged", all bets are off. Until quantum computing shows up. Then, "they" will be able to decode pretty damn quick.

K & R, Period.

K & R

I live with 6.

It's not

the White Man, Black, or Brown;
It's the Rich Man that keeps you down.

I'm a semi-retired welder,

and I've pointed out to more than one foreman that "better men than you or I fought and died for the 40 hour work week, and you can't make me work overtime. You are perfectly capable of asking me, and you might still get a yes. Not, if you argue the point." Needless to say, I've worked in a lot of different shops, with an attitude like that.
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