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K & R n/t

Huey Long

was assassinated in a basement corridor of the Louisiana Capitol Building. When I was a toddler, my father raised me up to put my thumb in the hole in the granite wall the bullet made after it passed through him.
"Everybody in Louisiana knew" that the Federal Government had him killed, so that he couldn't "have himself made King after his two terms as President." "The People would have done well with him as King, but who would be the next King?", was a rationale that was bandied about a lot at the time
If the PTB feel sufficiently threatened by Obama, not that that's likely, he will be taken out.
IMO, the second clip is the reason he was assassinated. It can't become common knowledge that this country produces many times enough wealth to provide all of us with an incredible bounty, and the vast majority of it's been extorted, expropriated and outright stolen by the rentiers.
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