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Member since: Wed May 8, 2013, 05:32 PM
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I hope his case of projection is not infectious,

cause that there is is a pretty bad case.

In the main, yes.

We NEED a government-owned central banking system. similar to, I think its Montana's state bank. The Fed charging interest on money it lends the government is absolutely a scam we've suffering under from the start.

It entirely depends on

how much/what part of the circuitry gets wet and how much/what kind of corrosion subsequently occurs. Absolutely, DO NOT TURN IT ON while still wet; the moisture will, odds are, short out some portion of the circuitry. Dry it as rapidly as possible, consonant with not doing further damage; i. e. VERY low oven w/ the door open or putting in direct sunlight after draining/shaking as much moisture as possible. You MIGHT be able to save it and its worth a try, unless you dropped it into sea water!
from an ex-Air Force trained radar tech from back in the days of discrete component systems, who retrained into digital professional audio equipment support. Your mileage may vary.

Edit: absolutely, take the battery out as soon as possible, dry it physically, and very gently swab out the inside/whatever you can access, being very careful not to damage anything in the process.

I'm FROM Louisiana,

And grew up (relatively) sane, thanks to an ex-schoolteacher, ex-Yankee grandmother and my functionally blind, semi-literate (3rd grade education) non-bigot father I read science fiction from the 6th grade, so I am aware people come in LOTS of flavors and that this is something to celebrate and be enjoyed. I've had LOTS of experience walking away from fools and assholes.
In addition, my mother's brother was a glider pilot in WW2. The average survival rate was approximately 2/3 of a mission. He did three And WALKED BACK TO THE FRONT LINES from all three. If he's still alive, he carries shrapnel today. It did not break him and it was obvious, that that was a close thing, WOULD NOT talk about it. As I acquired SOME maturity, I integrated these lessons to the best of my ability. I am enormously grateful for these role models and lessons, although it has made it increasingly difficult to live in today's militaristic, sold culture.
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