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Joe Nation

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Member since: Mon May 27, 2013, 01:46 PM
Number of posts: 766

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My son got married today

My first born, my first to marry, my son got married today. I wasn’t there. My wife wasn’t there. My other sons were not there. No grandparents, No aunts. No uncles. No cousins. No life-long friends. Just one person they asked to perform the ceremony and one witness.

The guest list was never grand. They only invited the people that were closest to them. The beautiful conservatory was reserved. The honeymoon was planned. A week in China, a week in South Korea, and a week in Japan seeing all the sights. A trip of a lifetime to celebrate their union.

Slowly, all the plans they had made began to unravel like a slow-moving catastrophe. With the COVID-19 outbreak in China, they had to alter their plans and decided to only visit South Korea and Japan. It just gave them more time to see the other two countries they noted.

Once the virus spread crossed the borders, South Korea and eventually Japan were also off the table. Undaunted, they planned to take a trip to New Orleans and then Las Vegas as a substitute for their grand Asia honeymoon. Even those plans were peeled away. The dinners venues, the hotels, the airlines all regretted the inconvenience and refunded little if any real money.

The venue they had carefully chosen announced that they were closing under orders from the State. The wedding was a matter of weeks away. Every single plan they had carefully made was peeled away like a sticky band aid on a large gash and just as painful. It was as if the world didn’t want they to get married.

Today, they said the hell with all of that and got married anyway. Proof that we will persevere and get through this but only if we do it together. I am so proud of them.

People scoffed at Trump declaring a national emergency and cancelling the 2020 elections

I certainly wouldn't put anything past this megalomaniac and I too found this to be a ridiculous scenario until recently but with the Covid-19 virus a reality, Trump may just see an opportunity to stay in power even if he loses the election bigly.

After what we have witnessed this week, I am not sure what this idiot will do next fall. He obviously has no empathy no compassion and only sees an opportunity for himself and you know that the GOP will happily follow him right over that cliff. They always do.

What do you think Trump will do given the current pandemic? Will he gracefully walk away in an inevitable defeat or will he declare some type of emergency and try to stay in power like his best buddy Putin has done all these years? After all, Putin is his role model.

List of DU members, family, and friends lost to COVID-19

Thank God this list is still at zero. Keep it that way please.

The Coronavirus is tracking like the Spanish Flu of 1918 - Beware the Autumn of 2020

At the end of WWI, soldiers on both sides returned home already infected with the Spanish Flu. The trench warfare had spawned more than a new way to fight a war, it had also spawned a deadly virus that would kill between 50 and 100 million people world-wide. But that didn't happen the spring of 1918 when the war ended, it took until the following fall for the pandemic to really ramp up.


The first wave wasn’t that bad. In the spring of 1918, a new strain of influenza hit military camps in Europe on both sides of World War I. Soldiers were affected, but not nearly as severely as they would be later.

Even so, Britain, France, Germany and other European governments kept it secret. They didn’t want to hand the other side a potential advantage.

Spain, on the other hand, was a neutral country in the war. When the disease hit there, the government and newspapers reported it accurately. Even the king got sick.

So months later, when a bigger, deadlier wave swept across the globe, it seemed like it had started in Spain, even though it hadn’t. Simply because the Spanish told the truth, the virus was dubbed the “Spanish flu.”

Now, as fears about the coronavirus spread, at least one historian is worried the Trump administration is failing to heed the lesson of one of the world’s worst pandemics: Don’t hide the truth.


Being pressured to support Sanders by my son

My oldest son and I talk politics on a regular basis. We're fairly similar politically but we have had a rough time settling on one of the democrats throughout the primary process. Or should I say I have had a rough time, he has been locked into Sanders the entire time. I have to admit that my son does his homework. He can talk at length about any of the candidate's positions on just about any policy proposal they have.

After the debate last night, I started to see the wisdom of his arguments. Sanders has the passion, the ideas, the right focus, and he doesn't waffle in the face of criticisms. I don't get the feeling that he is simply listening to political polls and changes his stances weekly like some of the other candidates.

Could my son have been right all along while I was hiding behind open-mind wait and see who survives the vetting process indecisiveness?

Damn! I must have been a good parent or something.

Is Trump a blessing in disguise?

It certainly doesn't feel like it right now but as the Republican base shrinks and the Democrat's base grows, isn't Trump clearing the way for Democrats to act any way they want to act in the future? Why would Democrats have to abide by laws that Republicans clearly flouted? Liberal policies may come in bunches in the not too distant future. Could Trump actually usher in a liberal cultural tidal wave by the mid-twenties?

I'm not sure but it certainly makes for good fodder to feed the paranoia on the Right.

The U.S. - IRAN - RUSSIA Triangle and Unintended Consequences

It is interesting to think about the fact that Russia is a staunch supporter of Iran while also interfering in U.S. elections to benefit Trump who is now attacking Iran. You have to wonder what Iran's leaders are thinking about Russia's efforts to install Trump who is now antagonizing them at every turn. I'm guessing that someone didn't think this through to the end. Unintended consequences?

Where do the Children Lay

Recall, recall!
A gun in the hall
Bullets piercing the wall
Raised on active shooter drills
Just another consequence of congressional shills
A Constitutional right enshrines the slaughters
Gone now the countless wives, sons, and daughters
Another mass shooting another day
Where do the children lay?

The real meaning of the Trump slogan "America First"

Step 1. First, sellout America to foreign dictators.
Step 2. Tell Trump supporters that we are winning.
Step 3. Repeat steps 1 and 2.

Another Fox False Equivalency About A Bill Clinton & Tony Blair Conversation

Ah Tucker, it is clear that your parents spelled your name wrong on the birth certificate.

While Democrats have been calling for President Trump’s impeachment over his alleged soliciting of assistance from foreign countries ahead of the 2020 election, an unearthed comment from February 2000 might show stones were being thrown from glass houses.

On his show Monday, Tucker Carlson discussed a transcript of a call between former President Bill Clinton and then-U.K. Prime Minister Tony Blair -- the same year as the election pitting Clinton's vice president, Al Gore, against George W. Bush -- during which the ex-president asked his British counterpart for a political favor.

“You’ve heard endlessly on cable news that it is unprecedented the president would seek political gain from a conversation with a foreign leader. Well, turns out, it has happened before,” Carlson said.

“Back in 2000, President Bill Clinton had a conversation with Tony Blair of the U.K. and asked him to intercede in a dispute between British Airways and two carriers. The president, at the time, was much more direct than President Trump was in his conversation.

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