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Driver says Sonoma deputy (Gelhaus) pulled gun on him

(10-31) 15:45 PDT SANTA ROSA -- The Sonoma County sheriff's deputy who shot and killed a 13-year-old boy after mistaking his toy AK-47 for a real rifle pulled a gun on a motorist twice during a traffic stop on Highway 101 two months earlier, the driver said Thursday.

Jeff Westbrook of Santa Rosa said he was mistreated by Deputy Erick Gelhaus after being pulled over Aug. 21 in Cotati for failing to signal a lane change in his BMW. The interaction troubled Westbrook so much that he recalled asking Gelhaus at one point, "Sir, is there something wrong with you?"

"I felt like I was watching somebody I needed to help," said Westbrook, 57, a program manager at an information technology company. "This was not right. He did not manage this correctly."


There wasn't much room on the side of the highway, Westbrook said, so he rolled down his window and offered to move the car. That's when Gelhaus pulled a gun on him and yelled at him to turn the car off, Westbrook said. He said he responded that the car was already off.


'roid rage?

Maybe the most disturbing LTTE I have ever encountered

This is from today's Press Democrat, the only daily newspaper in Sonoma County, CA. The letter is so disturbing I debated whether to even post it. Mr Forsythe is one twisted puppy.

Obama's hatred

EDITOR: It is extremely disturbing and grossly despicable that President Barack Obama is so hateful and spiteful of American citizens that he orders the closing of our treasured national parks and beloved national memorials. But that is who he is and now, thankfully, many are finally waking up to this fact. Those of us who think and love the United States have been acutely aware for years of the evils of Obama and his hatred of America.

It's extremely disgusting that many park rangers mindlessly carry out Obama's fascist orders. Have these rangers no values or principles or patriotism or backbone?

Trust me, when this epic battle for our freedom and liberty is over and patriotism and conservatism win this struggle for America's future, we will know the names and addresses of these un-American park rangers who blindly follow the orders of this dictatorship. And we will also know the names and addresses of all these moronic brownshirts who stand behind Obama as he gives his frequent indoctrination speeches appealing to the low/no information know-nothings across America.

It is time to end this oppressive fascist Obama/Democrat Party regime that has held the real America hostage for five years.


Santa Rosa


"Irish Eyes Start Smiling in the Womb"

Bumper sticker I just saw on a car with a Santorum sticker in the lower left corner of the rear window.

These people are sick.

Don't try contacting the National Do Not Call Registry

This is the response I got as a result of an email I sent

National Do Not Call Registry
Due to the Government shutdown, we are unable to offer this website service at this time. We will resume normal operations when the government is funded.

Debido al cierre del gobierno no podemos ofrecer este servicio telefónico en este momento. Nosotros reanudaremos el funcionamiento normal cuando el gobierno este fianciado.

Wasn't someone here asking about Riverbend?

I think it was just last week.

This is from April and I found it at smirkingchimp.com


Do you know the Wal-Mart Cheer?

Words fail me.

This is one of the most bizarre videos I have ever seen. I have never known anyone who had to work at one of those places and have never been inside one. I think I'm gonna keep it that way.


I am loving seeing those pics of Lloyd Maines playing with Natalie on the Capitol steps.

Having known (and played with) Lloyd for years, they should've handed him the mic.

He would have lit that crowd on fire.

Natalie is a direct line from Dear Old Dad.

BTW, Lloyd made the Dixie Chicks.


Mumpsimus - it's a Republican thang


noun, plural mump·si·mus·es for 2.
adherence to or persistence in an erroneous use of language, memorization, practice, belief, etc., out of habit or obstinacy (opposed to sumpsimus ).
a person who persists in a mistaken expression or practice (opposed to sumpsimus ).

1520–30; from a story, which perhaps originated with Erasmus, of an illiterate priest who said mumpsimus rather than sūmpsimus (1st plural perfect indicative of Latin sūmere to pick up; see consume) while reciting the liturgy, and refused to change the word when corrected

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