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Gender: Male
Member since: Tue Jun 25, 2013, 03:46 PM
Number of posts: 1,591

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I am asking a question, curious if this too is unwelcome at DU.

I started a thread asking if DU thought calling someone a "pussy" was sexist. Every poster responding agreed that it indeed was.

My thread was locked,........ but most interestingly ................ I've noticed that nobody calling Cheney a "pussy" has had posts removed.
So, is my conclusion correct ? You cannot ask if calling someone a "pussy" is sexist in the eyes of DU, your thread will be locked. But because there have been numerous posts, all over the place calling Cheney a "pussy", I assume it is both fine and dandy to call people "pussy" without concern it is a sexist remark ? "Pussy" is now a welcome expression to describe a person of undesirable character ? Nice.

I never thought calling people "pussy" would have been acceptable, now understand why nobody gets hidden for calling someone "pussy", it's OK. Not sliding down the slippery slope,....DU is surfing down it.

unless of course, "pussy" is simply an abbreviated expression of a Willow, which dies every winter, and the expression is meant to playfully describe the setting season on Dick Cheney's career. Or is a sexist remark Ok, so long as it's directed at someone we don't like ? again,....nice.

why isn't calling someone a "pussy" sexist ?

There are posts all over the place calling Cheney a "pussy", curious why this isn't considered sexist on DU ?

Or can sexism be allowed so long as enough people agree that "dick vagina", is a humorous enough parody for "go fuck yourself" Cheney ?

what is in the torture documents we didn't already know ?

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