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Member since: Tue Jun 25, 2013, 03:46 PM
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Snowden nominated for Peace prize, for exposing the depth of spying

And the peace prize winning president and his administration says ..... "Yeah....So What"?

I think the "full court pass" this administration is getting for it's continuation, and escalated programs to spy on our domestic population is a glaring example of how someone whom you believed was being honest, can lie to your face, lead you right to the cliff, and with the warmest of smiles push you right off, AND have you shifting blame for HIS activities all while in mid fall right off the cliff you believed he would guard....by the way be sure to donate and vote.

Curious what responses come from my question:
If you are so horrified, regarding the spying that Snowden exposed, are you satisfied with the "official response" ? IE, the continuation of the very spying that was exposed ?

If the answer is "Bush's fault" I'll assume you're still in free-fall and just haven't hit yet, but I appreciate the response none the less.
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