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Member since: Tue Jun 25, 2013, 03:46 PM
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Eric Holder and the FBI are investigating Michael Brown Shooting

My opinion, these will be the only two ways the verdict (once a trial has actually concluded) will be accepted by those that have blinded themselves to any possibility other than this was an obvious racist cop that executed an unarmed black kid.

1) Michael Brown executed by racist white officer.

2) Justified shooting by officer, racist white officer goes free.

Question for those that have concluded the online trial phase of this case, and have concluded that the racist white officer executed Brown, ......

what "if",..... real life is not as cut and dry as it is online, what "if" there is evidence that has not yet been presented by twitter ? what "if" the FBI is unable to secure a conviction for this racist white officer ?

what 'if", Wilson is not convicted ? Is anybody, or more clearly...... is everybody,...... prepared to call Eric Holder and the FBI racist, and in on the fix to set a racist white murderer free ? From a town that two weeks ago didn't exist to 99% of the population ?

has anybody realized that the unreliable, baloney filled news outlets that are regularly chastised for incompetence, are the same bunch of door knobs that are being quoted using words like "proof", even before the crime scene was cleaned up ?
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