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Gender: Male
Member since: Tue Jun 25, 2013, 03:46 PM
Number of posts: 1,591

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ISIS, and the theroy that all they need are jobs.

All ISIS members need are jobs. I've read a few posts, a story or two, even heard this boloney on the "news" once or twice.

So I'm going to try and understand where exactly these ideas are coming from, is there anyone who actually believes that if ISIS radicals had jobs, the terrorism would stop?

What "job" is someone who straps a bomb to another person and sends them out to blow themselves up qualified for ? I've seen the "unemployment is the cause" comment once or twice, but never have I seen anyone actually try and explain. Bear in mind we in the US are touting our *snicker snicker 5.8% unemployment rate, but still have a spiraling violence problem.

Second question, do you actually believe our unemployment rate is 5.8% ?

3,000 posts in "Politics", more than 135,000 in "general discussion"

Does this mean people are more inclined to want to lecture and complain about online news and events, than actually organize and get educated on the reality of political futures ? General discussion seems to be a "look at what I found online" competition of popularity. Copy and paste the most stories,..... recent or otherwise and you get "clout" as a valuable DU member.

The loss of the Dem Senate, the increase in GOP House members, and the substantial increase in Republican state governors does not seem to represent the reoccurring political future themes on DU.

Curious why you think there are always 40-50 times more "general discussions" going on than political ? DU has morphed into a "general discussion" and sort of drifted away from having the political relevance it seemed to have had.
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