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^S^T^O^P ^T^Y^P^I^N^G ^L^I^K^E ^T^H^I^S

here is a question regarding my "white privilege",

White shaming seems to be the hot topic recently, so I ask this.

Yes I am white, ...no I did ask for, nor push someone out of the way to jump in the "white line". Even though I've made my life what I wanted, worked for what I have, and enjoy my life.Why am I supposed to feel guilty ?

What exactly am I supposed to do to pay the penance I apparently need to pay, for being born and living my life. I'm not racist, I don't hold anything against anybody,....... unless they are an asshole. There are no racial guidelines, polls nor % links to support what percentage of the populations races take up the largest % of "ass holiness", so .........

So this morning as I get ready to start my week-end, what exactly is my debt that I am supposed to pay today, for the crime of being white.

I was created by and raised by my mom and dad, they loved me, they encouraged me and helped me become the man I am. It's my parents fault I'm white............ I'm an innocent victim. White shaming me over something that I had no control over is weak sauce. What exactly am I supposed to do about it now ? I'm curious what the other end of the "white privilege" shame-fest really is ?
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