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Jesus Christ, are people that insecure

and unable to rationally defend their opinion ?
LOL,.........the answer is yes.

The Civil War was about...........

The South wanting to secede, and the North wanting to prevent it.
The North wanting to free the slaves.

It's surprising how ignorant some are as to the extent the righteous North, condoned, ignored and even participated in slavery. the North accepted the slave trade and enjoyed the fruits of production derived from slavery. The North could not allow the South to secede from the union, it would have been the end of the Northern economy. The old "follow the money" bit was totally ignored in the unprecedented rush to declare war on the Confederate flag. Two weeks before Roof murdered 9 people in cold blood, the confederate flag was not an issue that would prove to be yet another nail in the 2016 election cycle, but it is now. Roof was an insane murderer, ........ so naturally ............the gun he used, and the flag he owned are to blame. The attack on the Confederate flag has been HUGELY successful, ....... for now. The 2016 Democratic nominee will have a Republican House, and in all likelihood a Republican Senate to look forward to, as he/she campaigns thru the South, trying not to take a side ............ but hey, Democrats don't need Southern voters anyway right ? The Republicans were going to lose after Bush, everyone understood that, Don't take for granted that the Presidency will be Blue for another four years.

Sometimes plans work too well, the Confederate flag is at the forefront of social media hatred, but make no mistake, .... there is going to be a wave of people voicing their opinion at the voting booths next year. The "Confederate Flag revolution" is unstoppable, and is daring anyone to come out and say anything remotely different, ...... do so and be labeled a racist,........ regardless what they have to say.

No I'm not panicking, and I did not write this for "concern", I'll be fine. I'm really not worried about the 2016 election one way or the other for myself, I never have and I never will bet all my chips on the ruling party of the moment. Just something to keep in mind when a baloney sandwich is able to win the Presidency in 2016, simply by not being attached to anything.

elections matter, remember ? Republican House, Senate, President AND likely TWO supreme court openings ... THAT is what is at stake. Maybe hold off screwing the American worker again with another shitty trade deal, pissing off a third of the nation by calling them stupid racists, lying about the ACA deductible costs, soft boiling the re-building of another Iraq war, getting a knife in the back from a failed Iranian nuclear "negotiation", pretending the unemployment is "actually" 5%, ...... and best of all, nominate Hillary who has a lifetime of built in controversy or Bernie who will have to explain Socialism ............ right before the election ?

Not to worry though.

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