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Member since: Mon Jul 15, 2013, 03:58 PM
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A memorial to the lives claimed in plane crashes

Topic inspired by the members who seem to believe that plane crashes are a joke, a event that should be laughed about.

Here are some recent crashes, and the lives claimed.


Transasia Flight 235, occuring on Febuary 4th. The plane took off but suddenly lost altitude and crashed into the Keelung River claiming 40 lives.


AirAsia flight 8501, occuring on December 28th 2014. Contact was lost inroute to Singapore, with wreckage later being discovered in the Java Sea. All 162 lives were lost, the families not even having bodies to bury for closure.


Sage Aviation, Private flight, occurring December 8th 2014. The plane crashed a mile from the airport, hitting a house. All three aboard the plane died, along with a mother and her two children who were in the house.

Let this be a memorial to the lives lost, lives that some here believe to be worthy of jokes and laughter. And may their families find peace despite those who find humor in the deaths of their loved ones.

Fox News - Obamas comments on Christianity are 'Verbal Rape'

Despite President Barack Obama's call to end rape during the Grammy awards Sunday night, Fox News guest Star Parker believes the president is guilty of committing "verbal rape" during his National Prayer Breakfast speech last week.

Participating in a panel discussion on "Hannity" Monday night, Parker took issue with the president asking Americans to remember that violence in the name of religion is not a phenomenon exclusive to Islam. Obama pointed to the Inquisition and the Crusades as instances in which murder was carried out in the name of Christ.

"Let me put it in context then, because I was in that room, and it was frankly verbal rape," Parker said.


But was it a legitimate rape?
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