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Member since: Mon Jul 15, 2013, 04:58 PM
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Of the currently announced Democratic canadiates, who would you vote for?

Seeing all the infighting over who we should vote for - Infighting for candidates who HAVEN'T announced they are running - I wondered... Of the currently announced candidates, who is the most popular choice?

We've got three people up so far, and yes I do know that none of them have a chance in hell should the people on the fence actually decide to run, so out of these three who would you vote for?

Wiki links for those wondering about them


Want to buy a flamethrower? Soon to be available, completely legal in 49 states

[quote]The XM42 from Ion Productions is every pyromaniac's dream come true: a personal, portable flamethrower that's (amazingly still) legal everywhere except California. You'll be able to get your own flame on for as little as $700[/quote]


Haven't seen a lot about this item, surprisingly.

At 700 it's pretty pricey, though it wouldn't surprise me if it sells out immediately. A item like this is a wet dream for a lot of people.

Yes, GMO's are great and here is why...





Did you know that the bulk of insulin used to treat diabeties is made using GMO's? 70% of it is produced using a technique called Recombinant DNA.

The HepB vaccine is ALSO produced by use of GMO technology.

Scientists have also created GMO bacterias capable of cleaning up mercury pollution and one that is able to detect arsenic in water supplies.

GMO's do have positive effects, despite what some people may claim.


Some people portray GMO's as the bogeyman hiding in the closet - As the above cases can show, GMO's are not as 'evil' as people try to slant them to be.
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