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Trust me, I'm an Engineer...

Woman arrested For Biting Off Pit Bull’s Testicles

Witnesses told police this week that they pleaded with Boone county resident, Audrey Ranch, 62, to stop hurting her son’s pit bull, but she refused.

“Eventually she bit Pedro’s acorns clean off right there in the front yard,” a witness said. “Pedro hightailed it screeching like a wild Indian and when I tried to subdue Audrey, she knocked me out with an old tricycle.”

Realizing the police had been called and knowing she had time to hide (it is a 45 minute drive to her house), Mrs. Ranch cut off a length of garden hose, dug a hole and had her son help bury her. She used the garden hose as a breathing apparatus.

Officers from the Boone County Sheriff’s Office arrived, unburied Ranch and arrested her without incident.


Guess WV is trying to make their own version of Texas Oysters.

Harvard accused of racial bias against Asian-American applicants

A complaint Friday alleged that Harvard University discriminates against Asian-American applicants by setting a higher bar for admissions than that faced by other groups.

The complaint, filed by a coalition of 64 organizations, says the university has set quotas to keep the numbers of Asian-American students significantly lower than the quality of their applications merits. It cites third-party academic research on the SAT exam showing that Asian-Americans have to score on average about 140 points higher than white students, 270 points higher than Hispanic students and 450 points higher than African-American students to equal their chances of gaining admission to Harvard. The exam is scored on a 2400-point scale.

The complaint was filed with the U.S. Education Department’s Office for Civil Rights.


The complaint argues that elite schools “that use race-neutral admissions” have far higher Asian-American enrollment than Harvard. At California Institute of Technology, for instance, about 40% of undergraduates are Asian-American, about twice that at Harvard.


Man commits suicide after authorities seize dog for being a 'illegal breed'

A man in Denmark, who was so devastated that his dog had been confiscated by the authorities, took his own life, reported Buzz.at. "Zanto," the dog who was seized by the authorities, had done nothing wrong - he was simply born the "wrong" breed.

Zanto's owner, a 27-year-old man named Dan, had only eight days to prove that his dog was not one of the country's banned breeds. When he failed to do so, the authorities removed Zanto from his home and a short time later, Dan was reported to have overdosed on pain pills - apparently too upset to go on with his life.


I've found a few other articles, some of which report that the dog was euthanized as well though none of the given details outright say it. Going by what happens in the US (With the numbers of shelters who are by local law required to euthanize dogs, even though they have done nothing wrong, just because they were born a specific breed) though it's extremely likely to have occurred.

It's getting real hard to tell just who destroyed the economy...

One minute we're saying that it was Reagan who destroyed the economy, the next it's one of the Bushes, and now the destroyer of the week seems to be Clinton for passing NAFTA.

We've even got DEMOCRATS now saying that Obama will destroy the economy with the TPP. (Quite a change from the past, when Republicans favorite talking point was about how badly Obama was going to damage the economy)

I'm starting to get confused now, with how much people seem to shift the blame for ruining the economy.

It'd be really, really, nice if we could agree - Once and for all - just which President it was who screwed over the economy.

Officer charged with sexually assaulting a child, for over a decade, placed on paid leave

A west suburban police officer has been charged with sexually assaulting a child for more than 10 years, officials announced Tuesday.

David L. Wright, a police officer in Elburn since 1991, was charged Tuesday with 10 counts of predatory criminal sexual assault, each a Class X felony; and 11 counts of criminal sexual assault, each a Class One felony, according to the Kane County state’s attorney’s office.

From March 2005 until April 2015, Wright “repeatedly sexually assaulted” a child he knew, a statement from prosecutors said. The child was younger than 13 when the assaults began, the statement said.

...He has been placed on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of this investigation, according to Elburn police.


Our tax dollars at work folks.

Too all the people saying DU 'isn't the real world' and that Bernie doesn't have a chance to win...

Remember what people said about Obama, back in the past? He's a young canadiate... The hasn't done anything noteworthy... He's not well known enough... He's a unknown... He's go no chance against other more well known Democrats, let alone whoever gets the Republican nomination... You vote for him, you might as well GIVE Republicans the election... He's a nobody with no chance against Mccain...

And guess what folks? 8 years. Surprising isn't it, what can be done by ignoring the naysayers?

Anonymous activist has a 'unique' way to get potholes fixed (potentially NSFW)

Like many cities, Manchester, England, is plagued with potholes. One half-mile stretch of road can have as many as 70 holes. After claiming he saw his friends injured in pothole-related bike accidents, one anonymous resident has taken matters into his own hands.

He goes by Wanksy. And using what appears to be an industrial level chalk, he draws penises around the potholes, creating moments of visual terrorism that the city can’t ignore. Really. Because according to the Manchester Evening News (MEN), within 48 hours of Wanksy’s efforts, many of Manchester’s problematic potholes, which had been a nuisance for years, were filled. Within a week, even more were fixed.

...Wanksy is already developing a fanbase in the U.S. "We need you in Madison, Wisconsin aka pothole hell," writes Matthew Schmock on the Wanksy Facebook fan page.

Pictures @ link as well, so... Yeah.


Well, at least a bunch of dicks helped solve this issue.

Now if only the ones we have in congress can start doing something help for a change...

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