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Member since: Wed Jul 24, 2013, 01:10 PM
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what was your first bird?

I've been on DU for a while, but didn't realize they had a birding group until just now.

Random question for fellow birders - what was your first bird? I don't necessarily mean the first bird you ever saw (probably house sparrow or pigeon for most of us) - I mean the bird that got you started in the avocation.

I can still clearly remember the bird that did it for me - white-breasted nuthatch. During my freshman year in college, I was snowed in with my grandparents (who lived in the same town as my university) for Thanksgiving break. They had feeders set up in their back yard. I was struck by the handsome blue-gray and white bird that scooted along tree trunks and came in for suet. My grandparents had an old copy of Peterson's field guide, so I looked it up. A red-breasted nuthatch showed up later that day, and the fact that two such striking birds could be found in a populated area really grabbed me.

Is this a thing?

I came to parenthood late - I'm 50, and my daughter is 2.

All three of us ended up with the flu last week. And my daughter insisted on watching one show - and only one show - for the two days she was down.

It was Moana. I actually liked it at first. The animation was stunning. Interesting approach to Polynesian enthography (basically making a fictional community by borrowing aspects from several real ones), and enough biology and geology to keep a scientist like yours truly interested. And who knew the Rock could sing?

Two days later, I was ready to confess to pretty much anything.

Is this a common feature of children that age - to fix onto a single movie or tv show and watch it repeatedly?
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