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Member since: Wed Jul 24, 2013, 01:10 PM
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Why I don't think Trump will ever really be prosecuted.

It's not merely a matter of "rich people always get off." They too often do, but not always.

Nor is it a matter of not being able to assemble an impartial jury - though that's going to be a major effort in and of itself.

Nor is it even because his lawyers can get this dragged out until long after he goes toes-up on us. (And if they did, they could still go after his estate, which would cut his children off at the knees since they're not capable of getting actual jobs. Trump, or his lawyers at any rate, know this.)

It's because I don't think he's competent to stand trial.

Seriously - have you listened to his recent public statements? The cognitive decline is accelerating. This, on top of the mental illness he's had since at least early adulthood, is likely to keep him out of a courtroom.

From a purely objective viewpoint, he can't participate in his own defense.

My thoughts, anyway.

some birds from Jones Beach, Long Island

We were visiting my in-laws, and I was able to get away to bird nearby Jones Beach and area. Most of the beaches were closed for the weekend (they were holding an air show), and the weather was lousy for much of the time, but I did see some things.

piping plover


semipalmated sandpiper

American oystercatcher

This one - there's something about terns that defies my ability to identify them. Empids? Ammodram sparrows? Old World Warblers? Neotropical kingbirds? I can do those. But terns? I think they're emitting some sort of psychic energy that messes with my normal bird ID skill. So I've got it ID'd as a Forster's, but could be convinced that it's a common. Thoughts?
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