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Shemp Howard

Shemp Howard's Journal
Shemp Howard's Journal
December 1, 2016

Obama voters switching to Trump

I live in a dark blue region of a rust-belt state. In 2008 and 2012 many of my friends and acquaintances supported Obama. But I was surprised, and shocked, to hear how many of them went for Trump this time around. These people were the children and grandchildren of factory workers. Democratic party policies from FDR forward gave their families a comfortable middle-class lifestyle.

Bernie was the FDR in this election, IMHO. But Trump was the Robber Baron. So the choice between Hillary and Trump should have been easy, a Democrat vs. a Robber Baron.

So why did so many go for Trump? Trump appealed to the baser instincts of some of them, I'm sure. But here's what many said to me during our polite arguments: There are no good jobs around here anymore. Trump will bring them back. (Trump ran ads in my state to that effect. Hillary did not.)

All of this is just what I, one person, observed. And it certainly doesn't tell the whole story. But Michael Moore was right. Worried people will follow a Pied Piper. To negate this, the Democratic Party must bring back a focus on jobs, and emphasize that fact. Just putting position papers on some internet site will not be enough.

The Democratic Party used to be known for championing both social justice AND good middle class jobs. We need to be known for that again.

November 28, 2016

Bernie (or Bernie's ideas) 2020!

Hillary lost the 2016 electoral vote because she ignored the very real concerns of the American working class.

Trump flooded my rust-belt state with ads about how he would re-open closed factories. Hillary ran ads about how she cared about children. Care to guess which ad campaign was more effective? Hint: Trump won my state.

Bernie understood what worried the average American factory worker. So did Trump. But Hillary did not. And so she lost.

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