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Let's assume Boehner & co. NEVER back down. What options does Obama have?

This is a hostage situation. Boehner is the head terrorist, making demands. Currently the place is surrounded, it's already a given that he's going down one way or another. And he has announced that at midnight (in this analogy, the debt default doomsday two weeks from now) they are going to start shooting the hostages.

But until then, the cops are still trying to reason with him and get him to turn himself in peacefully. That would continue until late in the eleventh hour, at which point the hostage negotiator puts down the megaphone and the SWAT commandos and rooftop snipers are given the signal to do their stuff.

I just want to know what form Obama's metaphorical SWAT team will take. All he's publicly said is that he's not giving them anything, ever, so they need to give up. But so far there has been no "or else."

Suppose neither side is willing to negotiate. Now it's a year later, the government is still shut down and continuing to default on its debts. No, of course that isn't going to happen. So the President can- and, if forced to, must do Something sooner or later.

Will he abolish the debt ceiling by executive order, saying he is required to by the 14th amendment?
Mint a pocketful of trillion dollar platinum coins?
Declare the stalemate a constitutional crisis, and have a constitutional convention to amend the procedural rules of congress in such a way that this cannot ever happen again?
Order Boehner to step down or be charged with contempt of Congress and removed from the premises?

What form do you think the Executive Banhammer will most likely take?

Anything he does along those lines is of course going to have the Rush Limbaugh / Fox News / Freeper crowd shitting I-beams and going full Alex Jones about how he's seizing imperial power and the next thing they know the UN troops are going to be going door to door taking their guns and throwing them in FEMA death camps, etc.

That's probably why there has been no public discussion of what is going to happen if & when Boehner decides he can just sit on the CR until he is no longer able to sit, and the economy be damned. I'm certain there has been plenty of behind-the scenes discussion, though; and maybe Obama just likes to hold his cards close.

What's going on with NPR and the BBC?

Believe it or not, there is some political talk radio for adults in this country, which I occasionally listen to when there is no good music on the other stations.

I know NPR has slid Foxward over the last decade, but the BBC, which I would have thought had no skin in this game, was doing the same thing. They are making an effort to report this as a "budget impasse" and a bipartisan failure.
They played a longish soundbite of Boehner blaming the Democrats for not compromising, and played nothing from Obama, just briefly mentioned that they objected to the "tactics" of congressional Republicans, (no explanation of what those tactics were or what was objectionable about them) and moving on to the next story.

WTF was that?
In less time than it took for the discount mattress commerical to end on the classic rock station, I answered my own question.

It's because they don't want to say what this really is, (a hijacking, a subversion of the democratic process, an attempt at congressional coup, legislative extortion...) because they believe there is a good chance that Obama will fold before Boehner does; because come on, we've all seen this movie before...

But if they make what Republicans are doing out to be as bad they know it really is, and it works, that's going to have to be the central story on the MSM for a long time- "So, looks like the bad guys won. Stick a fork in representative democracy." But that can't happen. Therefore, the false moral equivalency is maintained while the outcome is still uncertain.
If Boehner either gives up or Obama puts on his big president pants and shuts him down,
[Nash Equilibrium intensifies]
The Republicans will take all the blame and their whole platform will be torn to shreds.
However, if they do win concessions just by standing by their ransom demands until debt default doomsday, and nothing is done to prevent this from ever happening again, the dittoheads will declare victory and rejoice.
And the MSM will instantly throw our entire side under the bus.
It can be reported in the right 50% of the media as "the Democrats finally putting the interests of the nation's economy over partisan stubbornness, coming to their senses and working together with the Republicans to negotiate a sensible compromise" and in the left 50%, as "the spineless Democrats yet again giving in to the Republicans' dirty tricks"
So that whichever you listen to, it will not seem like a glaring continuity error.
Crisis averted, business as usual can resume.

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