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Lifetime political junkie and history lover.

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Koch Brothers Grand Plan to Liberate the Poor......... by offering free stuff

From the Washington Post.

The other day I noted that the Koch brothers were funding a new effort to win over Latino voters to the Republican Party by offering them an array of community services, combined with a healthy dose of conservative anti-government re-education programs. This might not work, I argued, since Latino voters tend to agree with the Democratic Party on economic and health care issues, in addition to immigration, raising questions as to why telling them that government is bad for them would prove particularly persuasive.

More here:

I feel comfortable saying the Kochs were very supportive of the effort that destroyed ACORN, and now they have turned themselves into the saviors of the poor. I don't think the article mentions it, but I bet they are busy registering their new targets as Republicans.

I am thinking of them as the Salvation Army of the poor, but instead of having you join a prayer for your soup you sign a Republican voter registration form.

Posted by Todays_Illusion | Mon Dec 14, 2015, 11:09 PM (0 replies)

I think we can only say the conservative and Republican response to the Planned Parenthood attack is

worse than could be imagined by any standards: Here are a few:

Erick Erikson: Abortion Providers Should Be ‘Thankful’ That Planned Parenthood Shooting ‘Is A Rare Event’

edit: http://www.mediaite.com/online/erick-erikson-abortion-providers-should-be-thankful-that-planned-parenthood-shooting-is-a-rare-event/



Trump, Bush, Carson, Rubio as quoted in salon.com

Posted by Todays_Illusion | Wed Dec 2, 2015, 02:27 AM (3 replies)
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