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stage left

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Hometown: South Carolina
Member since: Wed Oct 2, 2013, 06:45 AM
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The Confederate Flag is down from the Statehouse grounds

but there are still flag decals stuck to windshields, usually flanked by a Gadsden flag and an NRA decal. At least they let the rest of us know who they are, so we can avoid them.

I'm not a descendant of Jefferson Davis.

But my roots in SC go back to at least 1780 and I'm in total agreement with Horne. I'm proud of South Carolina today and all the South Carolinians moving beyond hatred.

Just read that the Confederate Flag

is coming down tomorrow Friday July 10, 2015. Hurrah! Hurrah!

I saw a strange thing in Greenville yesterday.

I was heading into town on North Main Street, an old, old residential district. There among the smattering of American flags flying from front porches was an actual Confederate flag, not the battle flag, but the stars and bars. I'm still scratching my head over that one. This is the flag. Sorry it's so durned big.

Police arrested Roof and took him to the Burger King Drive-thru

Black men get killed in the back of the police van on the way to jail, white supremacist killer gets a burger.


Representative from Landrum will propose Legislation to Remove Confederate Flag.


(I don't have any idea how to post anything but the link.)

SC Representative Norman(Doug)Brannon from Landrum in Spartanburg County intends to propose legislation to remove the Confederate Flag from the State House grounds. He intends to file a bill in December of this year.


I finally got Jackpine radical's fringe candidate image in my sig line. I hope. I'm going to miss JPR's posts but this will be a reminder.

I don't have any idea about the VA either.

All I can suggest is getting in touch with an organization called The National Alliance for Mental Health or NAMI. This is a grassroots organization made up of people who are dealing with family members with mental illness. My daughter has been diagnosed with major depression and I started going to Nami support groups in October of last year. It has been an enormous help. Just to know that you're not alone is an enormous help. Was your brother in his twenties when he first became ill? I ask because that's the usual age of onset for schizophrenia. My mother was schizo--affective, schizophrenic with a side of bipolar, so I know that they can be very resistant to treatment. My mother denied she had any problems. It was everyone else. Toward the end of her life she was convinced the government was trying to take her house.

Some caregivers in my group have had good results with the shots for their family members. Maybe you could tell him they're vaccinations or something. It's very difficult to deal with I know and not enough help out there. We should be ashamed that we don't do better by our veterans.

It shouldn't be a Democrat saying none of it matters.

That's for sure. Women, people of color, and LGBT, these groups are the foundation of the Democratic Party, the bulwark, the heart, the core. Its stance in support of the helpless, the old,the poor, the hungry, the homeless, that is its soul.


I don't think black people have any reason to love white people. Long(ish) story for a short question. My mother-in-law in the past few years has had to hire people to work in her home to help her take care of herself. Many of these people were black people who she went through like kleenex, talked to like curs, and treated like dirt. Now she's in a nursing home. The suprising thing is, the thing that really shocks me, is that some of the black people who worked for her ask us about how she's doing and even go to see her. !!!! Now admittedly, she also treated many white people like dirt, including me, her son, and her granddaughter. The difference is I wouldn't walk two steps to see her, I don't care how she's doing. I really don't understand how they can care at all when she was so nasty to them.
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