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Member since: Tue Oct 8, 2013, 09:43 PM
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Rachel Maddow: right now, very interesting, former Islamist interview

Turn on msnbc.

Very interesting interview.

She's interviewing a young man from London named Sohail Ahmed who was young and radicalized and thought about carrying out an attack.

He chose not to.

Now he's educating people on what he thought and how we can help people.

He's also gay.

It's difficult to get me engaged, this is interesting.

You have to accomplish something

At some point, during a winning process, you have to accomplish a goal.

Sanders right now is not accomplishing any goals. He set out to win, and it's OK that he didn't; sometimes you don't win. But he has had a second chance to accomplish some goals and he is squandering that chance. Endorsing Hillary, backing the Democratic party and joining the ship would have put him in a position to accomplish something.

If he continues his line of choices, after the convention, none of his goals will be completed. He'll have a speech, a rally but then nothing.

At some point you have to actually do something.

If you're a Bernie supporter, how do you see him actually getting something done?

Speculation: Hillary to meet Obama and Bernie Thursday night

She has a planned parenthood meeting on Friday in Washington DC and nothing scheduled Thursday.

I am speculating all three meet on Thursday at the Whitehouse.

Her schedule:
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