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Brush Bunny

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Hometown: North Western Wisconsin
Current location: Vegas
Member since: Tue Oct 15, 2013, 03:50 PM
Number of posts: 96

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Kind of a Land Mark day today

in the History of our Nation.

Merrick Garland set out his agenda. Full on investigation of the attempted Coup last month. Going to pursue every angle no matter who or whom it reveals.
Irony,FBI chasing all phone records of Politicians on January 6,interesting.

Diaper Don lost his ass to the Supreme Court. Sounds like his so called Appointee's burned his ass as well. And he got his lunch handed to him once again claiming his election was stolen in several States.

Can not wait for the Grand Jury in Fulton County Georgia to hand up a bill of indictment against Diaper Boy,Lin Wood,Rudy the Slob,Perry and others for Voter Intimidation and Suppression as trying to change Vote totals. This case will settle tons of Case Law dealing Voting Rights.

What a day,and it is only noon.

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