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Miles Archer

Profile Information

Name: Miles Archer
Gender: Male
Hometown: Hamilton Massachusetts
Home country: USA
Current location: Nevada
Member since: Wed Oct 16, 2013, 07:49 PM
Number of posts: 18,497

Journal Archives

As a former Californian, I felt that voters would take out the trash

I've learned to not count my chickens, but no...I didn't believe "conservative talk show host" Larry Elder was going to be the next Governor.

His "platform" was a promise to basically be Trump / McConnell...especially when he publicly salivated, McConnell-style, over replacing Feinstein with a Republican to restore their Senate majority.

He was the embodiment of Trumps musings about whether he could get away with "not helping the blue states" with COVID.

He's been caught on record as saying it's all an act to "trigger the libs."

California is not perfect...that's why I left in 2012, mainly being priced out of existence, but there were a few other reasons as well.

BUT...no matter WHAT challenges the state is facing right now, I instinctively knew they would not turn to Elder for the answers.

Way to go, CA voters. This former resident is proud of you.

Miller ghost-writes "The president will NOT be questioned" screed RE: Jan 6

Not going to share it here...it's probably already been posted...but it has that "run-over skunk coming through the car vents" skinhead fascist Miller stench.

I can't believe this toxic little shit thinks he's flying under the radar when he writes fatwas for Trump. The style is unmistakable. NO "all caps," complete sentences, no spelling errors, and white supremacist cockiness. It's Miller.

I KNOW this is a stretch, but I'm gonna say that if a MONKEY can figure this out, so can a MAGAt.

Rex Chapman

If you’ve already seen a monkey find a mask and promptly put it on its face today then just keep on scrolling…


Looks like Stephen Miller is still on the Trump payroll.

I'm not going to post the Trump "statement" here, because it's 100% MAGA filth, but you can read it here:

A Trump fundraising email compares American teachers to the Taliban -- and it's an explicit invitation to violence


...and it's got Miller's stench all over it. Trump is ramping up the grift machine for another hard squeeze for MAGAt $$$$$$$.

I can't pretend to understand the endgame of Republicans like Greene and Boebert

Race to the bottom? You bet.

Pandering to Trump's Q / MAGAt base? Ditto.

But this incessant ramping up of the rhetoric, becoming more loathsome as each day passes...

You have Republicans who pull out the can of crazy whenever there is a vote, or a major headline issue, but Green and Boebert are both so starved for attention that they yell "FIRE IN THE HOLE" on the quietest days.

My career background is in Marketing. I am familiar...sadly...with the "No such thing as bad publicity" thing.

They're not alone...Madison Cawthorn seems to be reaching for the same brass ring as Greene and Boebert.

So what is their endgame?

Happy Day After Reinstatement Day. Is there a sale on leftover merch, like after Christmas?

What a letdown for Mike Lindell and "Q" believers. All of the Inauguration parties set up in parents' basements all across the USA. Ted Nugent won't be playing "Star Spangled Banner" as Trump gives his second term speech. What a sad day for America. And you know, Mike Lindell REALLY seemed to have his act together. Despite the failure to produce a shred of evidence and going apoplectic when ASKED for any, he really seemed to have a thoughtful, well-researched and dynamically delivered presentation. I thought for SURE that Trump was a shoe-in.

Ha Ha Ha Ha HA! FU, Jake. You're not a "shaman," just another pathetic stooge who fell for Trump.

Despite his attorney's claim that he's not a threat and should be released from jail before his trial, Jacob Chansley, also known as the Capitol-storming "QAnon Shaman," has again been denied pre-trial release.

According to a court document shared by BuzzFeed's Zoe Tillman, Chansley "has not proffered any new information that has a 'material bearing' on whether or not he poses a risk if released.



After tonight's MAGAt rally, all I can say is thank Christ he still doesn't have Twitter access.

SAME old SHIT...the only difference being that he has broken "presidential protocol" to attack Biden (no surprise here)...

Can't believe the MAGAts are still eagerly standing in lines to soak up his bullshit.

Part of me thinks I need to "understand" this...and on some levels I do (Trump identified and manipulated white anger), but no matter how I can process it on an intellectual, cut and dried, black and white level, I still can't believe these people are still basking the the warm orange glow of their bloated messiah.

That's all, nothing else profound to say. I saw some clips and read some summaries and my head's exploding.

The single greatest fake / doctored video of 2021.


The higher they climb, the harder they fall...Rudy is the new My Pillow spokesman. #ETTD

Posted by Miles Archer | Thu Jun 3, 2021, 12:20 PM (3 replies)
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