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Miles Archer

Profile Information

Name: Miles Archer
Gender: Male
Hometown: Hamilton Massachusetts
Home country: USA
Current location: Nevada
Member since: Wed Oct 16, 2013, 07:49 PM
Number of posts: 16,861

Journal Archives

Trump keeps trying...unsuccessfully...to make his "deep state" hashtags trend on Twitter.

He puts 'em out there and sits back and waits for the MAGAts to do their thing, but it never happens.

Here's his latest:


Trump: "Many of those voting in favor" of impeachment "will be beaten in 2020!"

Donald J. Trump

Pelosi and Impeachment - There have already been 3 Votes, and they’ve all failed miserably. Here’s why there may not be a fourth - 137 Democrats voted against on the last vote.” @JasonChaffetz @seanhannity Many of those voting in favor will be beaten in 2020!

10:16 PM · Oct 18, 2019·Twitter for iPhone


OH FFS...Jill Stein is trending on Twitter, 75,000 tweets.

Pretty easy to figure out why, and I'm not going to post any here, but...Jill Stein. Not a fond walk down memory lane, by any stretch of the imagination.

Trump tweets a batshit crazy ad attacking Mitt "Democrat Asset" Romney


Almost sounds like he's afraid of something.

Chuck Schumer: "President Trump has demonstrated an uncanny ability to..."

Chuck Schumer

President Trump has demonstrated an uncanny ability to repeatedly get ignored or rolled by despots like Erdogan and Putin without getting anything in return.

5:44 PM · Oct 18, 2019·Twitter for iPhone


WOW. I am CONVINCED that Mitch's sternly worded WaPo op ed will turn Trump RIGHT around.


Laura Ingraham says Mulvaney shouldn't be taken seriously because he's not a lawyer (he is)

The “Ingraham Angle” host, who is also one of the president’s most outspoken media defenders, argued that Mulvaney’s remarks should not be taken seriously because he is not a lawyer. (In fact, Mulvaney is a lawyer.)

“I got to say, though, because we’re all lawyers here. There’s a reason [Attorney General] Bill Barr doesn’t do a lot of press conferences, but he — he would know how to answer those questions,” she said. “I’m not piling on Mulvaney, I don’t want to do that. I don’t think it’s helpful.”

“But when you have a legal issue before a lot of people who aren’t lawyers, the last thing you want to do is try to get out there and say a whole bunch of things really fast and then say, ‘Well, the context was, and going back and the reach back was,’ — and then there’s not enough of a pause between one thought and another, and then they could say, ‘Aha, see, you did,’ and then have to go back and clean it up afterward,” she continued.


Mulvaney attended law school at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He earned a full scholarship to attend law school, where his focus was on antitrust law. He graduated with his J.D. degree in 1992.[20]

From 1992 to 1997, Mulvaney practiced law with the firm James, McElroy & Diehl. Mulvaney joined his family's homebuilding and real estate business. He participated in the Owners and Presidents Management Program at Harvard Business School. He was a minority shareholder and owner-operator in Salsarita's Fresh Cantina, a privately held regional restaurant chain.[21]


Eric Trump whines about "cheap shots" while discussing the fine art of stiffing contractors.

“We believe in paying people when they do great jobs,” Donald Trump’s second eldest son said.

“We get people paid incredibly quickly. And we pay contractors,” he continued, adding that the Trump Organization only refuses to pay if a contractor doesn’t complete a job.

“It’s called the real world,” he said, referring to the allegations. “People like to take cheap shots at us.”

“In New York, we know what contractors are going to be incredible, what contractors are going to — I won’t use a word, but — take advantage of you,” he said. “And, you know, you have that institutional knowledge. You know your way around. You know the language. You know the laws. You know how things are built. You know what kind of foundations work in the ground.”


Ted Lieu: "We now see the swamp. It's called Doral."

Ted Lieu
We now see the swamp. It's called Doral.


Don, Mike, and Ivanka discuss going to Mars, and you can almost hear the sound of crickets.

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