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Member since: Wed Oct 23, 2013, 01:23 AM
Number of posts: 214

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Hillary has a 93% chance of winning according to the NY Times

She has 272 Electoral votes locked in, that includes Pennsylvania, Virginia, Colorado, Michigan and Wisconsin. If you toy around with the path to victory thing at the bottom of the page you can see that Trump has to win at the very least 6 states to win, and some of those have Hillary with a more than 80% chance of winning.


How should I convince my Johnson supporting friend to vote for Hillary?

My friend is a Johnson supporter and I've been trying to tell her why Hillary is the best choice for America and she just brushes it off. I really want her to see the light and switch sides but it's not working. Any advice?

I'm starting to have nightmares

Just had one last night. It was where Trump won and the whole world ended because of him. When I woke up I still thought it was real. It's getting bad out there folks. I just need someone to hold me and say it's going to be ok.

If anybody ever feels worried about the election, look at this


Currently it's giving Hillary an 80% chance of winning compared to the annoying orange's 20%. But the cool thing is at the bottom of the page where you can see what states Hillary would have to win to become pres. She has over 1,000 ways to win while Drumpf only has 54 ways. It really makes me feel better about the election.

Can we stop the Hillary bashing until after the election?

I don't care how much you don't like Hillary, but Donald Trump will destroy our country if he's elected. Think of all the progress we made since Obama came into office, it will all be shattered if Trump becomes president. Please I urge everyone on this site to stop criticizing Hillary until November 9th.

My experience being a poll worker in south Orange County California

So I just got back from volunteering at my local polling place. It was a lot of fun, met some nice people. Then I met the crazies. Let me tell you about the crazies. This one couple starting saying that it was a scam just because they were Repubs. We had to give them a provisional ballot because they didn't show up on our roster. Their votes get count no matter what, the county just double checks to make sure they are registered. The man started saying "Oh I think voting is a scam! Look what state we are in, isn't that proof?!" Also a lady yelled at me because she needed a provisional ballot for the same reason as the the couple. Why do republicans have to act like entitled snobs? Oh that's right because they are entitled snobs.

Can somebody give me a recap of what happened on DU?

I haven't been on in months and everything is flipped around. And I'm really confused.

I'm not supporting any democratic nominees right now

Because no one has said that they're running yet. Why is everyone on here saying that they're not voting for Hilary even though she hasn't said she's running yet. Give it a rest.

Why I don't want to have children.

I've been thinking about this for a while, and I decided not to have children. The reason, climate change.

I don't want my children to live in a world where the ozone layer is shrinking and no water.

Thats why I don't want to have children.


Ladies and Gentlemen I'm afraid

I'm so afraid of Global Warming, I'm afraid of nuclear weapons, I'm afraid of some disease coming to kill me. I don't want to die, I'm 19 I still have a long life to live. I just want to live a nice long life not to be cut short by any of those things. I know you're probably thinking that I'm trolling but I'm not, I'm very concerned.
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