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Gender: Male
Home country: USA
Current location: Arkansas
Member since: Wed Oct 30, 2013, 02:38 AM
Number of posts: 2,213

Journal Archives

Joe is on Fire!

Powerful speech so far.....and Kamala hasn't even spoken yet.
This should scare trump out of his mind.

Major stock market tankage as Mitch says no deal

Sh*t That Moved The Markets: US Senate Majority Leader McConnell: Stimulus talks are at a stalemate. SPX weakens US Govt. 10 Yr. Yield weakens Euro weakens

How much has this stock market rise cost us?

Just for kicks, a person I trade futures with decided to do the math. He added up all the stimulus the FED has pumped into the markets since the S&P lows of just under 2200. If you divide the points gained on the S&P by the dollars the FED has thrown into it, he comes up with this number:

We, the taxpayers, have paid $3.2 BILLION for every point the S&P has gained
Such a deal. Let that sink in.

If the VP choice is narrowed between Rice or Harris .....

I think Kamala will be the choice. As good as Susan Rice is, she has never been battle tested on the campaign trail as Harris has. Harris is perfectly suited to play the attack dog role, and she has legislative experience to help push Joe's policies on Capitol Hill. Susan Rice is perfectly qualified to be Secretary of State to repair the damage trump has done to our relationships with our allies around the world.

My son's father-in-law, a rabid trump supporter

Living in Florida, caught Covid19. At least everyone thinks so, including him. He had all the symptoms, was very sick for three weeks. He's still not even close to being back to normal. He refused to get tested, he refused to seek medical attention.
Why? Because he said he didn't want to be added to the statistics that would make trump and DeSantis look bad.
That is a special breed of stupid.

Love is the Answer


Laura Ingraham pumping Bernie on Fox

Any doubt the GOP wants to run against Bernie? She's not the only one on Fox pumping up Bernie. Bernie comes up quite often as the pundits claim he's the biggest threat to trump in the fall. Trying to set the democrats up for the kill. I hope enough of us aren't na´ve enough to fall for the ploy.
Don't fall for it.


Just saw Nina Turner on Ari

She's just as unappealing as ever. The thought her being Bernie's version of KellyAnn Conway is enough to turn a lot of voters off.

School of Rock students - "California Dreamin'"

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