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Member since: Wed Oct 30, 2013, 11:40 PM
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If you can VOTE!

F'g Republicfuks

So I am at work - a local government job (recent hire ) - listening to all those fellow government workers decry the President and how the only people who vote for him are the lazy, good for nothings who are unemployed (Obama sticker on my car) and how they will be working at the polls on election day - because hey, they get paid for it, have another day off after that, it is easy work and they can make sure that no-rats vote twice for Democrats.

This makes my blood boil. Here are government workers, quite okay with doing the minimum to get the work done (and the minimum is very minimum) - who then denigrate anyone who votes Democrat by saying they are lazy, that the County they work for isn't worth it - well then quit and let someone else have your job, all the time making sure they have theirs. So the republifuks are the ones that bring disrepute to government workers and yet they are the ones that shout the loudest about incompetent. lazy good for nothing government workers. It is also amazing just how many republicfuks are working for the government and wanting their family on board - but are back-stabbing, lazy sobs.

I admit I stayed quiet, because I need the job, but oh my bp was sky high.............grrr.

Please how can I answer this...........

I live in a small ruralish community and this came up on the local blog - I am so tired of the redneck, rputhugs living here and I almost want to bury my head but then I want to come out swinging at the lies, etc. Advise please..............

In the news today. ISIS beheads another journalist. The southern border has illegal aliens streaming across, some of which may be terrorists. Fed chair Janet Yellen said monetary policy faces serious limitations. President Obama plays his 209th game of golf. Sources say he may turn pro after his term expires.
Now for the top story. Highland residence have a pissing match over the word "Stole". Feelings hurt. Film at eleven.

Scientists rediscover "noah" 6500-year-old-skeleton

Scientists at the Penn Museum in Philadelphia have re-discovered a rare and important find in their storage rooms – a complete human skeleton who lived around 6,500 years ago in the Sumerian city-state of Ur. The aptly named ‘Noah’ was originally found within a layer of deep silt, indicating that he lived after an epic flood. The first known recorded story of a great flood comes from Sumer, now southern Iraq, and it is generally believed to be the historic precursor of the Biblical flood story written millennia later.

.............. According to a news report in Past Horizons, the skeleton was originally found by British archaeologist Sir Leonard Woolley around 1929/1930 during a joint Penn Museum/British Museum excavation of the ancient city of Ur, near modern-day Nasiriyah in Iraq.

The skeleton was located at an incredible depth of 50 feet, in a deep silt layer beneath the city’s 4,500-year-old royal cemetery. Testing revealed that the layer was 2,000 years older than the cemetery, dating back to the Ubaid period (c. 5,500 to 4,000 BC). A total of 48 human remains were found in the layer, but ‘Noah’ was the only skeleton in good enough condition to be removed. In fact, Noah is the only complete skeleton ever recovered from this region and era.

....................... Some also believe it was the Sumerian account that later inspired the Biblical story of Noah’s Ark.


Wrong-Way Motorway Smash Captured On Video

Lucky for this old man, he was in the UK:


The police dashboard camera then captures the moment the officers deliberately crash into the car, being driven by a 77-year-old man with dementia.

The police driver is heard telling his colleague: "I had to mate." The officer replies: "I know you did, I know you did."

The police force has praised the bravery of the traffic officers for choosing to engineer the collision to prevent the car from hitting oncoming traffic.

The male driver, from Rowley Regis in the West Midlands, had earlier been reported missing by his family. He was not hurt in the crash on the northbound carriageway of the motorway. One of the officers suffered a minor injury in Monday's incident.


Update on Undocumented Voter (R) .....found guilty

Update on post at http://www.democraticunderground.com/1014783846

An immigrant living in the country illegally has pleaded guilty in Reno to violating election laws after she registered to vote in Washoe County under a false name and cast ballots in the 2008 and 2010 Nevada elections.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reported Hortencia Segura-Munoz was sentenced Wednesday to 103 days in jail. But she was given credit for 103 days already served on the single gross misdemeanor count of “conspiracy to commit violations concerning registration of voters.”

Segura-Munoz also was ordered to pay $1,000 in costs and fees. She originally was arrested on two felony charges of voter fraud.

Prosecutors say she registered as a Republican, but it’s not known which candidates she voted for or if her voting affected any close elections.


How strange she is registered as a Republican, but it is unknown which candidates she voted for - great choice of words there "liberal" media. The Nevada rightwing idiota are expressing their discontent with their usual lies and hatred.

The Humans are fighting again

For 1StrongBlackMan and anyone who wants a smile

What Game Do You Want to Play featuring

a cute Quokka and Grumpy Cat..............

Rupert Murdoch: politicians and red tape are holding business back

Rupert Murdoch: politicians and red tape are holding business back
Media mogul tells B20 meeting in Sydney that companies must be allowed to help shape public policy

Rupert Murdoch says business has a right to speak out on public policy matters, even on issues not directly related to their area of operation.

"Business is just as entitled to express its opinion as unions are," the News Corporation executive chairman told the B20 summit of business leaders in Sydney.

"The trouble, I find, is usually unions represent hundreds of thousands of voters whereas a business represents just one."

Murdoch has no ethics, has no sense or morality and is a complete moron.
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