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Member since: Wed Oct 30, 2013, 11:40 PM
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New and Improved Bible........

The Blind Date

From a small flame.................

From Chocolate Socrates on Facebook

Underneath We Are ALL the Same

Has anyone seen a penis.......

Police in the United Kingdom reportedly shut down part of a busy motorway in Middlesbrough, England, Thursday to search for a man's missing penis.

According to U.K. news outlet Metro, the road was closed off after an unnamed 40-year-old man was found at the side of the road in a "distressed" state. The man's penis had reportedly been cut off.

It is believed that police shut down the motorway in the hopes of finding the man's severed penis, though it is still unclear whether or not the appendage was found.


And just where is Lorena Bobbitt?

The right's poverty plan: shame poor kids and the vaginas that birthed them

The right's poverty plan: shame poor kids and the vaginas that birthed them
Conservatives want to make low-income Americans feel bad about babies and diets to cut birth control and food stamps

So many of life’s problems could be solved, according to conservative provocateur Ann Coulter, if the poor could just learn to keep their knees together until they got married – and if their wealthy and educated counterparts just weren’t afraid to shame them into doing so. These pearls of wisdom, particularly the “shaming is good” part, were greeted with loud applause over the weekend at the Conservative Political Action Conference.

- - - - - - - - -
They really are effing bawstards.

(Apologies if this is a repost, I did not see anything when I searched.)

Do you know where your drugs come from?

As the FDA is now trying to work with India on pharmaceuticals and legitimacy this tidbit came out......

Chinese authorities know—and the United States knows—that China is the main source of ingredients for many drugs needed in the U.S. medical industry.

A key pre-FSMA report came from the U.S. China Economic and Security Review Commission in April 2010.

The report painted a dire picture of China’s own system to ensure the safety of its products, saying, “China’s health and safety regime for export products is fragmented and ineffective.”

At that time, 94.1 percent of the antibiotic tetracycline came from China, as did 74 percent of streptomycin, and close to 60 percent of ibuprofen, used in Advil and Motrin. China is also the global leader in manufacturing acetaminophen, an ingredient in Tylenol and Benadryl.

For the moment, as long as China is the main source for pharmaceuticals that Americans can’t live without, it knows there is little the United States can do.
Interesting and alarming read at:


Who do you call when you can't remember your password?

Police in India have failed to act on hundreds of corruption complaints over an eight-year period because they did not know a computer password, it seems.

Delhi officers could not operate a portal holding more than 600 complaints - a lapse that has gone undetected since 2006, the Indian Express Newspaper said. The complaints came from India's anti-corruption agency, called the Central Vigilance Commission (CVC).

But two senior police officers have now been trained in the system, and can access the 667 cases that have piled up since the portal launched. One officer told the paper the oversight was "a technical problem", and complaints are now being addressed.

The CVC collates complaints against government officials and directs law enforcement to investigate them. The commission received 36,000 complaints in 2013, figures published by The Economic Times say.

Despite the confusion, police in Delhi "remain committed to public grievances", a senior officer told the Indian Express.


The senator received...........

US sues Sprint over company's wiretap expenses

Source: AP

US sues Sprint over company's wiretap expenses

Posted: Mar 03, 2014 3:01 PM PST
Updated: Mar 03, 2014 3:02 PM PST
Associated Press
SAN FRANCISCO (AP) - Federal officials have filed a lawsuit alleging that Sprint Communications Inc. overbilled government agencies $21 million for wiretap services.

The lawsuit filed Monday in federal court in San Francisco alleges that that Sprint Corp. subsidiary collected unallowable expenses from the FBI and other government agencies while carrying out court-ordered wiretaps and other electronic intercepts of its customers.

Read more: http://www.ktvn.com/story/24874326/us-sues-sprint-over-companys-wiretap-expenses

I got nothing.
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