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Republicans are creating a transgender registry in Florida

This is where the "Don't Say Gay" and all of the anti-transgender athlete, anti-trans health care and anti-trans student laws in Republican controlled states are leading. Florida simply got there first.

As part of outing transgender students to every family in their school, their town and really, the internet too, the Lee County School District in Florida has decided to create a registry of trans students so they can "better keep all families informed".

This is terrifying. This is how they start, by introducing such things as "protecting all our families" as if trans kids are a threat to anyone. If there is not pushback, it will expand to other schools where they've intentionally taken over the district or school boards. And once they get away with that they'll expand it further. This has the scent of the early 1930's, without any hyperbole.

And to make it worse, what Republicans are really doing is talking about a minor's genitals to the entire school district. It's disgusting, cruel and abusive. It's also very creepy.


Judge Blocks Biden Admin's Guidance on Anti-LGBTQ+ Discrimination

A federal judge in Tennessee has temporarily blocked the Biden administration’s guidance on two federal laws aimed at preventing discrimination against LGBTQ+ people.

Judge Charles Atchley was nominated by Trump and confirmed after McConnell used the so-called "nuclear option" to drop the filibuster to get him confirmed. He says the Biden guidance will interfere with states' ability to enforce their new anti-transgender laws.

That's it. That's his legal reasoning. Executive Orders are only valid for Republican Presidents, apparently.

“As it currently stands, plaintiffs must choose between the threat of legal consequences — enforcement action, civil penalties, and the withholding of federal funding — or altering their state laws to ensure compliance with the guidance and avoid such adverse action,” continued Atchley, who was appointed to the judgeship by Donald Trump. The guidance also ignores “the limited reach of Bostock,” he wrote.

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