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Member since: Thu Nov 21, 2013, 12:44 AM
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Medical Puzzler

My knee has been hurting for a few months and I was finally able to get an MRI done. The co-pay was reasonable this time, 113.00 including meds!

I expected them to tell me my knee is sprained etc. but to my surprise, my knee is broken in 8 places like a spiderwebbed windshield. The Dr. lady says she suspects I have other broken limbs.

The mystery to me is that I cannot correlate an injury or a cause for this. I have been working 14 hrs a day on broken limbs? Why didn't I notice? Why would she suspect that I have "other broken limbs???"

Anyone else watching "Madoff?"

ABC has done a good job with this one. Richard Dreyfuss should win an Emmy for this performance.
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