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Teabagger Justin Amash: 'Me and GOP the only hope for the future'

For all of the talk from the right about following the Constitution, there seems to be very little knowledge of what the document actually says. They can read one line of the second amendment but that seems to be about it.

Representative Justin Amash (R-MI) told the Daily Caller, “President Obama’s penchant for executive orders is leading the government down a dangerous path, and Congress should act to correct it.”

To hear people like Amash talk you would think that Obama invented the executive order and is not a President who has issued among the fewest orders of this type of all of his predecessors. This inconvenient fact is simply ignored by the right as they erroneously identify, executive actions as executive orders in order to inflate the actual numbers.

Amash presents himself and the GOP as the last hope for the salvation of our nation and says that Obama is, “setting the stage for some thing very dangerous in the future,” and that it is time for Congress to, “step up and take charge and point out when the President is going beyond his constitutional powers.”

See more at: http://aattp.org/teabagger-rep-embarrasses-himself-doesnt-understand-how-government-works/#sthash.QW2YCHWI.dpuf

Millionaire Peter Schiff dresses up as a Walmart protester to mock/discredit the movement

Quick background: He amassed a huge fortune by moving/hiding wealthy people's money overseas and naturally fancies himself a patriot. He funds his own radio show and his own personal channel he calls "Schiff TV". Its so grating to watch because he actually thinks he's very clever and I suppose really thinks he would somehow be a media personality if he wasn't funding it himself. He is such a Burns/Peweterschmidt stereotype of the 1% he decided to literally represent the 1% at the OWS rally in New York two years ago. According to his wikipedia page, he credits his dad for his views on the economy... who by the way is currently serving a 13-year sentence for tax evasion in Federal prison.

So this idiot claimed on his show that Walmart is paying not only fair wages, but GOOD wages and the workers should be grateful. This even though more than half of their employees are paid below the Federal poverty level (with taxpayers being forced to subsidize Walmart's greed through public assistance).

So Schiff pulled a John Stossel and decided to dress down and, along with his smirking wife, literally follow and harass shoppers right outside a Connecticut Walmart (I have no idea which one, but its probably either the one in Norwalk or Stratford since he works in Westport.) His spiel was that he was a Walmart employee/protester and told everyone they should donate 15% of whatever they paid at Walmart directly to him. He kept screaming "higher prices for higher wages" as the protester's "motto". When people said they were broke, he mocked them and said they just bought "all this stuff" and they didn't care about the workers. He kept yelling "We are counting on you to pay higher prices!" When someone told him that they were poor workers who couldn't afford to pay, he actually said "But the Walmart workers are more important!" Even when people tried to give what they could, he would get irate and demand 15% of their purchases!


Pharmacy Staff Frequently Misinform Teens Seeking Emergency Contraception

“About 20 percent of the pharmacy staff said that, because the callers identified themselves as teens, the callers couldn’t get [emergency contraception] at all. That’s completely incorrect,” says Wilkinson. “Of the remaining 80 percent of respondents, about half of them got the exact age requirement correct and half of them did not.”

Additionally, the study found that pharmacy staff often cited ethical reasons, such as institutional policies and personal religious beliefs, for not stocking or dispensing emergency contraception. Pharmacy staff often inaccurately told callers a parent or legal guardian would need to accompany the teen to pick up the medication, or that an older friend or boyfriend couldn’t buy the prescription for them.

The federal laws governing the dispensing of emergency contraception have changed since the study was published—and have become even more confusing, says Wilkinson. As of July 2013, Plan B One Step is now legally available over the counter to anyone of any age, and no photo ID is necessary. Other brands are either available to teens 17 or older at the pharmacy counter without a prescription, or to teens of any age with a prescription. One brand is available only by prescription, regardless of age.

Cora Collette Breuner, M.D., a pediatrician and member of the Committee for Adolescents of the American Academy of Pediatrics says, “Every time I go into a pharmacy, I see if Plan B is there without age restriction. And half of the time—or maybe even 80 percent of the time—it’s not. That’s against the law.”


Dork Dynasty Phil Robertson: "Must be hard in New York --what with all them gays."

Those who know “Duck Dynasty” patriarch Phil Robertson — or have listened to him speak — shouldn’t be surprised by his recent anti-gay statements.

Earlier this year, during a candid moment with a female Post reporter, he asked whether she was seeing anyone.

When she said no, he responded, “Must be hard in New York — what with all them gays.”


You can't claim to be a Democrat...

if you're making the claim that people not tolerating intolerance are guilty of persecution.

Denouncing bigotry seems like a pretty fair litmus test to have for this big tent.

Rachel shining some light on the American cockroaches responsible for Uganda/Russia anti-gay laws

Just a heads up!

If free speech was an endangered species...

Sarah Palin would be shooting at it from a helicopter.

Thank you, I'll be here all week.
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