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Fred Sanders

Fred Sanders's Journal
Fred Sanders's Journal
January 26, 2014

The Ukraine and Thailand are remarkable studies in different approaches by government to protests,

in Thailand the government does not resist the taking over of government buildings, no/little violence, permits new elections.
In Ukraine the government resists taking over of government buildings, great violence, no elections, just undemocratic offers of power sharing.

January 25, 2014

Manitoba Pipeline Explosion Prompts Evacuation Of Homes, Fireball Lights Up Frigid Skies (Video)!



Let me see, if we set off one of those every mile how much could it heat up the -30 temperatures.....worth thinking about.

And if pipelines keep bursting and leaking and spilling and killing, is that not an argument for transport by rail, and who stands to gain....worth thinking about.

P.S. don't blame me for not mentioning it was a gas pipeline, not oil, because that is the way the seriously serious title editors at Huff Post do it.
January 24, 2014

Obamacare Passes Key Milestones; Three Million Private Enrollments, 6+ Million Medicaid/CHIP

Kathleen SebeliusVerified account ?@Sebelius A key milestone: about 3 million Americans have now enrolled in private Marketplace plan. Share the good news!

Obamacare enrollment hits 3 million

By Russ Britt

LOS ANGELES (MarketWatch) -- Nationwide Obamacare enrollment has hit 3 million, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Administrator Marilyn Tavenner said in a blog post on the HHS.gov web site Friday. Tavenner wrote that "the most recent data" shows the 3 million threshold being crossed for both HealthCare.gov and state-run exchanges, but didn't offer a specific time frame or breakdown on state sign ups vs. national enrollment. The move, however, indicates enrollment is accelerating in the program that was beset by numerous technical troubles when it rolled out Oct. 1. Total nationwide enrollment stood at roughly 2 million at the end of December. HHS officials have projected enrollment should reach the 7 million mark when the signup period ends March 31.


Milestone: 3 Million in Marketplaces

Posted January 24, 2014
By Marilyn Tavenner, Administrator, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

Since the beginning of open enrollment, millions of Americans are gaining access to health coverage–many for the very first time—thanks to the Affordable Care Act. The most recent data indicates that approximately 3.0 million people have now enrolled in a private health insurance plan through the Federal and State-based Marketplaces since October 1.

With millions transitioning to new coverage already, we continue to see strong interest nationwide from consumers who want access to quality, affordable coverage. As our outreach efforts kick into even higher gear, we anticipate these numbers will continue to grow, particularly as we reach even more uninsured young adults so that they know that new options and new ways to help eligible individuals pay for their premium are now available, thanks to the Affordable Care Act.

Additionally, between October and December over 6.3 million individuals were determined eligible to enroll in Medicaid or CHIP through state agencies and through state-based Marketplaces. These numbers include both Medicaid and CHIP new eligibility determinations in states that expanded coverage, determinations made on prior law, and in some states, Medicaid renewals and groups not affected by the health care law. This does not include eligibility determination made through HealthCare.gov.

We are encouraged that millions of people have been enrolled in Marketplace or Medicaid coverage since October 1, and will work to give millions more Americans the peace of mind that comes with health security in the months ahead.


January 22, 2014

Telescope Spies Water Plumes Gushing on Dwarf Planet Ceres, Spacecraft Dawn Nears Target


Ceres (illustration pictured) is a perfectly round 'dwarf planet' and also the largest asteroid in the solar system. Scientists found that it is releasing water vapour from its surface at a rate of 6 kilograms per second

The latest finding puts Ceres in a special class of solar system objects with active plumes of water, a key ingredient for life. The company includes Jupiter's moon Europa — where an underground ocean is believed to exist — and the Saturn moon Enceladus, where jets have been seen venting from the surface.

NASA spacecraft Dawn (illustration approaching Ceres)

The observations, published in Thursday's issue of Nature, come as NASA's Dawn spacecraft is set to arrive at the Texas-sized dwarf planet next year.

The source of the water plumes is still unclear. Scientists think there may be a layer of ice just below the surface that gets heated by the sun or the plumes could be spewed by ice volcanoes.

Dawn, the NASA comet mission launched in 2007 and powered by ion propulsion. It is the first spacecraft to orbit two space rocks.
The spacecraft won't be in the best position to witness any water activity since it'll arrive at a time when Ceres is far from the sun. But the spacecraft carries instruments that can detect water and it will map the dwarf planet in detail, said Dawn deputy project scientist Carol Raymond, who had no role in the research.

Ceres (illustrated, far left) is here compared to other minor planets by size. Pluto (pictured, centre) is not that much larger than the spherical asteroid. Eris (far right) is larger than Pluto and found further out, beyond Pluto, in the solar system

Ceres is the closest dwarf planet to the sun and is located in the solar system's asteroid belt, making it the only dwarf planet in the inner solar system. Ceres is the smallest of the bodies current classified as a 'dwarf planet'.

Ceres is the closest dwarf planet to the sun and is located in the solar system's asteroid belt, making it the only dwarf planet in the inner solar system. Ceres is the smallest of the bodies current classified as a 'dwarf planet'



Take note that the article appears in the "Sports" section of ABC News.....because apparently they have no "Science" section and jammed it in there.
January 22, 2014

Pentagon agrees with U.S. Army Spc. Simran Lamba: will relax rules on personal religious wear

To which I say, about time America caught up to the rest of the world in one more area. Watch the TPots scream any time now.....


"Earlier this month, a major in the U.S. Army who is a Sikh American took his case to staffers on the Hill, explaining how he and other Sikhs should be able to serve in uniform and still maintain their religious beliefs, including wearing turbans and unshorn hair, including beards.

The new directive will explain that if the articles of faith or physical attributes interfere with the proper function of protective clothing and equipment, the request could be denied. For example, a beard or unshorn hair cannot interfere with gas masks or helmets.

Jewish service members can request permission to wear a yarmulke while in uniform. Muslim service members can request to wear a beard and carry prayer beads. Even Wiccan service members, those who practice "Magick," can seek accommodation — the directive covers all religions recognized by the U.S. military.

The policy will also spell out that service members have the right to observe no religion at all."

Imagine, no religion, too.

January 21, 2014

Rob Ford Admits To Drinking As Rambling Video Appears On YouTube

Source: Global News

TORONTO – Mayor Rob Ford confirms he was drinking Monday evening and that it is indeed him in a video showing him rambling profanely in Jamaican patois.

For months, Ford said he swore off booze after admitting to have smoked crack cocaine “in a drunken stupor” and after video surfaced of him in an apparent – in his words “intoxicated” – rage.


The mayor appears to be speaking in a Jamaican accent in the video and uses several curse words.

“To be mocking and interpreting, his interpretation of being supposedly Jamaican is offensive,” Councillor Michael Thompson said. “Perhaps it’s normal for the mayor but from my perspective its abnormal, it’s another sad day, quite frankly, it’s another unfortunate situation in the ongoing saga of mayor Ford.”

Read more: http://globalnews.ca/news/1097338/new-video-shows-rambling-rob-ford-at-rexdale-restaurant/

Mayor Ford is an alcoholic, ask any addictions expert, ask the one that was asked by CNN about Dennis Rodman.
January 21, 2014

McDonnell Federal Criminal Bribery Indictment, Wire Fraud: The Anatomy of Political Corruption

Count 1:

ROBERT F. MCDONNELL and MAUREEN G. MCDONNELL did knowingly and intentionally:
conspire with each other and with others, both known and unknown to the grand jury, to commit wire fraud, that is: having devised and intending to devise a scheme and artifice to defraud the citizens of Virginia of their right to the honest services of the Governor of Virginia through BRIBERY, to transmit and cause to be transmitted by means or wire communication in interstate commerce....in violation of Title 18, United States Code, Section 1343.


The fraud, the bribery, the coverup....and now the fall.....from the Indictment PDF:

G. The Defendants Efforts To Conceal The Scheme

"102. On or about October 3, 2012, as part of required paperwork for a loan on one of the MoBo Virginia Beach properties through TowneBanke, ROBERT MCDONNELL caused TowneBank to receive a personal financial statement that listed total liabilities of $2,075,00 and listed no loans payable.

(Note: MAUREEN had checks of $50,000 and $15,000 as "loans" from Star Scientific to explain away now not being disclosed as liabilities)

103. On or about February 1, 2013, both DEFENDANTS caused a signed Uniform Residential Loan Application to be transmitted to PenFed as part of an effort to refinance four loans, including loans on the two MoBo Virginia Beach properties. The URLA listed total liabilities of 2. 8 Million dollars and listed no loans or liabilities to JW."

(JW is named as the Chief Financial Officer of Star Scientific Corporation)

They apparently both lied to law enforcement investigating, failing to note loans from JW, JW's family, shares purchased in Star Scientific.....all to cover their tracks in the massive gift and money giving they were actually hounding the company for.


106. In or about March, 2013, MAUREEN MCDONNELL met with JW's brother at the defendants' residence and told JW's brother she had been interviewed by law enforcement. At that meeting, MAUREEN MCDONNELL - for the first time - asked JW's brother to send her a bill for the work JW's brother had performed for the defendants since approximately November, 2012. Thereafter, on or about March 4, 2013, JW's brother sent an email to MAUREEN MCDONNELL states "Find attached a list of expenditures for your residence.


The Purpose and The Conspiracy - GREED

110. The purpose of the conspiracy was for the defendants to secretly use ROBERT MCDONNELL's official position as Governor or Virginia to enrich the defendant and their family members by soliciting and accepting payments, loans, gifts, and other things of value from JW and Star Scientific in exchange for ROBERT F. MCDONNELL and the OGV performing official actions on an as-needed basis, as opportunities arose, to legitimize, promote, and obtain research studies for Star Scientific's products.


All in an attempt to back date free work done on the MCDONNELL residences by JW's brother.....to pass off to law enforcement.

Much, much more. Some mighty fine reading:


January 21, 2014

Canadian Oligarch Praises Growing Income Inequality as "Inspiration" For The Wretched Masses

“This is a great thing because it inspires everybody, gives "them" (said wretched masses) motivation to look up to the 1%.."


January 21, 2014

From friend with a literal front seat view of protests in Bangkok, Thailand: No Police/Army In Sight

We are now in day 3 of the shutdown and attached are photos from the first day on Monday, 13 January.

These multi-location major intersection closures are very well organized and obviously well funded. Just down the road from the condo, it was quiet as could be late on Sunday night but early the next morning we woke to loudspeakers, many large buses and cars parked along the main road in front of the condo, giant tents/canopies erected in the middle of the road, very big stages, multiple huge video screens and huge crowds. People were setting up road barricades and putting up small two person tents everywhere. Everywhere had the same barricades and the same tents so these had to have been provided by the protest organizers. Food vendors all over as well as free food and water. Very large first aid station with many ambulances standing by. Selling 'Bangkok Shutdown 2013' items and souvenirs has become a big business on the street.

And not a policeman or soldier in sight.

Remember Occupy and how shutting down one street in America for a few minutes resulted in massive police violence?

The Thailand government has repeatedly pledged to NEVER use violence against protesters, and have absolutely kept their word.

January 21, 2014

Generic Congressional Ballot Generic Congressional Ballot: Democrats 41%, Republicans 35%

Monday, January 20, 2014

Democrats have posted their largest lead on the Generic Congressional Ballot since early November, while Republicans have fallen to their lowest level of support in a year.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey for the week ending January 19 finds that 41% of Likely U.S. Voters would vote for the Democrat in their district’s congressional race if the election were held today, unchanged from the previous week. Thirty-five percent (35%) would choose the Republican instead, down two points from the previous survey. The Democrats have now led for three weeks in a row.

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