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Fred Sanders

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Member since: Fri Dec 13, 2013, 07:55 PM
Number of posts: 23,946

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TruthSayer, Trollslayer

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The Queen Goes Nuts Over Nuts

Yes, indeed, the rich are not like common folk:

(London) Queen Elizabeth was so incensed by royal police officers eating nuts from bowls left out in the corridors of Buckingham Palace that she drew lines on the sides of the bowls in a bid to catch them out.
A memo from Her Royal Nuttiness had been revealed in the ongoing News of The World hacking trial.


Who Will Watch The Watchmen?

In any functioning democracy the role given to the Free Press is to guard against the political scam artists and those that would attempt to undermine the underpinnings of democracy. The timid and self serving American mass media refuses to state or even approach the obvious conclusion: The Republican Party is totally engaged in gamesmanship of the political system, wherein their only goal is to destroy the President not to lead, not to govern but to destroy. To destroy democracy in America.

At any cost necessary.

And if the common man does not gather to point out the total abdication of this vital and irreplaceable duty the Free Press has now purposely abandoned, who will? The Free Press?

We collectively need to be the watchmen.

Huff Post Refugees, Unite

Just quit HP half an hour ago, after one year and 43,000 posts, I posted my first comment here and felt much better.
HP is going to lose a lot of people I am sure and DU is going to get a lot of new members, the linking to Faceplant will be intolerable to many, many commentators there, and I have noticed a drastic drop off in the number of comments to threads since.

Can not agree more that the infotainment part of HP filtered imperceptibly but steadily towards untruths in the political news.

Having said that it was a great site, turned into a crappy site by the usual suspects, greenbacks.

All things happen for a reason.
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