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Fred Sanders

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Member since: Fri Dec 13, 2013, 07:55 PM
Number of posts: 23,946

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Mueller Files New Charges in Russia Probe

Source: CN

Special Counsel Robert Mueller on Tuesday filed a new charge against a man they say lied to federal investigators in the probe of alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 election.

A charging document filed in federal court in Washington accuses Alex Van Der Zwaan of one charge of making false statements. Attorney Van Der Zwaan is expected to appear before a judge Tuesday afternoon at the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia.

According to the two-page indictment, Van Der Zwaan made “false fictitious and fraudulent statements in a matter within the jurisdiction of the executive branch of the Government of the United States” and allegedly lied to agents at the FBI. Specifically, it notes Van Der Zwaan may have deleted emails connected to his most recent communications with Rick Gates, a former Trump campaign aide who was indicted last year on charges of conspiracy to launder money and acting as an unregistered foreign agent.

Van Der Zwaan worked for a legal firm hired by the Ukraine’s Ministry of Justice, preparing a formal report on the trial of former Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko.

PDF document here:


Read more: https://www.courthousenews.com/mueller-files-new-charge-in-russia-probe/

Rob Reiner has posted a series of gun control and anti-Trump tweets. Fox has lost it 's mind.

Posting because we do not have a How The Fox Propaganda Machine Works. Now with Putin input.

The article is actually fair and balanced:

"Following the news of a Florida school shooting, Rob Reiner attacked "GOP patriots" and called for an end to Trump's presidency.

On Sunday, the famed Hollywood filmmaker took to Twitter to accuse the government of putting the president before the lives of children and the country.

The Hollywood writer and director tweeted, "How much longer do we have to put up with a mentally ill sociopath? When the f---ed up psyche of the leader of the free world comes before the horrific deaths of innocent children, it’s time for GOP patriots to stand up and end this sickness."


"There are 21,000,000 reasons why Donald Trump refuses to protect our children from being slaughtered by guns. The NRA has deep pockets. But we will show them that our hearts and our pockets are deeper than theirs," Reiner wrote."

But scroll to the comments section. Putin's anti-gun control bots have been put on hyperdrive.

Not a single positive gun control post and the level of language, not to mention disturbing and offensive, is....Russian bot level.

God forgive me for posting a Fox link here, it is for a Greater cause...so I hope I do not get alerted for violating TOS re: RW sites, given my explanation.

Was going to Ask the Administrators first but there is a bit of a wait, completely understandable.



Poll Question:

Is this a Fox/Bot operation?*

*my definitions, cause I can

EDIT: Bot attack ended at around midnight, Moscow time.

The NRA only supports a bastardized version of the antiquated second amendment.

"Today at the NRA’s headquarters in Fairfax, Virginia, oversized letters on the facade no longer refer to “marksmanship” and “safety.” Instead, the Second Amendment is emblazoned on a wall of the building’s lobby. Visitors might not notice that the text is incomplete. It reads:

“.. the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”

The first half—the part about the well regulated militia—has been edited out."



Fuckers even lie about what they say they support...and the lie is enshrined in carved granite.

Rest of article is reference quality information of all things second amendment.

The Cleaners begin their work.

Once again the mass media is furiously cleaning up after another mass murder by a man with a WMD, sold at your friendly neighbourhood gun shop or Walmart.

No a single drop of blood will be shown, every camera shot and video will studiously avoid shocking America with the reality of what a single gun wielded by a single man can do.

Then, tonight, Americans will settle into watching shootings, killings, decapitation, torture etc. on their TV and movies. Real event violence shock to be muted by fictional violence.

Show ONE picture of the Sandy Hook 1st grad classroom, the Muslim mosque, the Christian church, the streets of Las Vegas...etc. etc.

America clearly needs to be shocked into action...but The Cleaners refuse. Nothing will get done again cause Americans are NOT shocked near enough. Again.

Should the media release gun crime scene photos of mass murders, identifaction hidden?

Foxxx Spews: Trump lawyer payment to porn star is "Calming the Storm". True title!

Imagine IF..."Obama's lawyer pays off porn star"...NOT campaign. Obama claims all OK now! Can you imagine?
Apparently in RW fucked up world it is right as rain again. In Normal World the corporate media shies away from the wreckage...why?... I completely fail to understand. Anyone have a clue??

Every day now it is multiple insults to intelligence and morality and truth.
When it all comes crashing down it will be epic. The corporate media can not ignore the avalanche of Shitler's human detritus forever.

Patience. The accumulation of filth will burst the sewers soon enough.
Mueller and 15 other sewer cleaners are down there with rotorouters working the drains every day.

Keep the faith! Remember, the wheels of justice turn slowly but grind ever so finely.

The Next Wave of Terrorism Is Here


The Next Wave of Terrorism Is Here

Violence against Muslims is rarely labelled as "terrorism" but reputable scholarship on radicalisation and terrorism doesn't make a distinction between anti-Muslim violence and the violence perpetrated by groups like Daesh or Al Qaeda.

The next wave of terrorism is here, and it’s one where white ultra-nationalists carry out acts of premeditated violence against Muslims.

In the past year alone, a “Trump loving conservative” slaughtered six Canadian Muslims at a mosque in Quebec City; white nationalists bombed a mosque in Minnesota while twenty worshippers were inside; and in London a man “brainwashed” on far-right propaganda drove his van into Finsbury Park mosque with the intention to “kill more Muslims.”

Three attacks in three countries does not a proverbial winter make, but when aligned with the parabolic rise of anti-Muslim hate crimes in Europe, the United States, India, China, Myanmar, and pretty much anywhere else where Muslims constitute a minority of the population, a winter nevertheless. Line these up next to a number of attacks against mosques, Muslim owned businesses, and the 70,000 who marched on Warsaw, Poland, last November promising a “white Europe” and “death to the enemies of the homeland” while carrying anti-Muslim placards, the trend is impossible to miss.


White violence against Muslims and visible minorities is terrorism....why would it NOT be seen as that?

(POLL) RW media and politicians are going insane over Trump's DACA, wall and immigration proposal


What should Democrats do with the offer?

Since the RW infiltrators have been booted mostly on this topic yesterday....

The Republicans got shit*, we got CHIP and 20 days to sell an already overwhelmingly agreeable public on creating a principled pathway to citizenship as outlined in the Flake/Graham/Durbin bill (wall funding and military as wanted by Republicans) rejected by Shitler on Friday before he went comatose for the weekend.

Enough. The tsunami of disinformation, left and right media, is over. The Truth about yesterdays vote quickly got it's pants on.

Unite or the next tsunami is going to really hurt.

*name one, other than generalized "victory"

Added "Shutdown Don" to DU fake President nickname poll. Ya gotta keep laughing. And mocking.

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