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Fred Sanders

Fred Sanders's Journal
Fred Sanders's Journal
August 24, 2015

CNN Finally Outdid Fox, Thanks To Don Lemon...| Daily Kos

"I didn't think it was possible for someone to be more despicable than Hannity, more craven than O'Reilly, more hateful than Coulter. I was wrong. Don Lemon has them all beat. By a country mile.

Watching Don Lemon, Areva Martin, and the rest of the panel "question" Shaun's life, I knew something was wrong. Like the scumbags at Breitbart, Don Lemon has mastered the art of saying the most outlandish things but phrasing them as questions so he can later bat his lashes and act indignant if anyone dared to accuse him of being stupid or worse, cruel. "I didn't say the plane flew into a black hole, I just asked if it was preposterous to wonder." Now he can add, "I never actually called Shaun King a lying sack of shit. I just asked if it was possible that he had conned Oprah out of money to pay for his college."

Well, nobody is fooled by this. There's a reason the Columbia Journalism Review in a rare (maybe even unprecedented) move awarded their DART award to Don Lemon as an individual in recognition of the fact that he was one of the worst journalists in America in 2014. Looks like this year he is going to repeat that performance.


Coulter repulses me. Hannity offends me. O'Reilly irritates me. But Lemon -- disgusts me. Watching him makes me feel dirty. I doubt Lemon reads this, but if he does I will say here what I would say to his face.

'Don Lemon, you are a disgrace to your profession. More importantly, you are a disgrace to your mother; you owe her an apology. I suggest you do it as publicly as you disgraced her, lest the rest of us think she didn't raise you right.'



CNN is not Fox, it just wants to be.

And I would suggest you DO read King's diary because it is a masterpiece of personal reflection and for some folks it will be about learning about things they may not even realize they did not know.

P.S. Will move to General if not closely enough related to the "Democratic Primaries". But I think anything BLM is related. Close call.

August 20, 2015

I do not concur. Revolutions are for third world countries. Obama WAS the revolution in America. The fact

that a racist opposition party stood in the way of further progress does not take away one iota from the progress that was made since 2009.

Not to mention Obama still has plenty of time and political will to continue the evolution revolution that began the day he was elected. That the mass media never wants the campaign season to end and now wants to put a halt to governing 420 days before a change in federal government is....nuts.

Patience is a virtue almost unknown in America, so when Obama introduced this strange notion of having a little patience, of course that was met with resistance by a public long ago conditioned for only instant gratification and outrage.

Amnesia is not a virtue, amnesia is what let's so many politicians get away with political murder...do not be a victim of amnesia. Folks have to remember all the quiet good along with the loudly advertised bad; if you do not, that is amnesia.

President Clinton is the next natural step in this evolution of the revolution. 8 more years on that path is needed....because the revolution is already here.

Folks, I say you are standing in the middle of revolution! The evidence is flowing all around you, don't keep letting the corporate media convince you it is not.

Did anyone think the plutocratic holders of a concentrated economic and political power that took the corrupt masters of media and politics 30 years to achieve would give it all up easily, without the dirtiest, most desperate and most lawless and disgusting of fights to keep it all? Getting rid of all the defences they have put up will take time. Patience.

Obama/Clinton 2009 to 2025.....there is your revolution.


August 7, 2015

Remember Obama referring to the same old "scaremongering" rhetoric on the Iran peace deal?

Same old, tired, scaremongering - sometimes the very same faces and voices that created the Iraq war debacle:

(The cartoonist will edit the cartoon shortly to pen in Schumer)

August 5, 2015

Planet Earth as seen from a million miles away:

“It is surprising how much brighter Earth is than the moon," said Adam Szabo, DSCOVR project scientist at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland. "Our planet is a truly brilliant object in dark space compared to the lunar surface".

August 4, 2015

Pro-birth, anti-baby.

How do the Fundies and their politicians attacking PP - because "Save the baby!" - justify being to be able to deny all of life's necessities to the baby once out of the birth canal and into world of the living? Because on birth, it seems to me, it is like, hasta la vista kid, no more handouts for you!

No post-natal care, no day care, no nutritional care, and on and on with NO....to the new baby...to life. Save the fetus, abandon the baby?

What is the point of all this virulent love of the fetus if you hate the baby?

There is no care at all by the anti-baby folk about actual life, it seems to me to be all about trying to give meaning to their own empty lies by spittle-flying displays of virulent "belief" and psychotic public displays of religious fervor all based on myths and childish rejection of medical science.

And, please, do not start in on the "churches" can do all that for millions of babies and infants born every year because that is hilariously impossible. If that were true or even possible, these religious extremists and their Bible thumping pastors would lined be up ten pews deep outside maternity wards everywhere with money and gifts and promises of financial and emotional support for a lifetime at every birth....I do not see much of that.

It is the government created by the people that should be there with the mother to welcome the precious new life and Citizen at birth, not these charlatans and idiots of the incorrectly named pro-life movement.

That this battle is still being waged on the front lines of politics in modern America is ridiculous and an indictment of a messed up political and media system, messed up to the core, that permits this insane war on women to continue without end.

August 2, 2015

How much longer can the mass media keep covering for the multiple failures and felonies of the GOP?

The list of political, economic, moral and social failures of GOP governing is long and so obvious I have no desire to re-write them all here. Trust me, it is near endless.

Felonies, indictments, economic stagnation, corruption, investigations, court battles, social strife, religious extremism encouraged and gone wild, fact and science denial.....an Emperor-clown at the head of the GOP Presidential Candidate Clown Train pulling along boxcars full of insanity.

The examples of actual, topical, real-time failures of the GOP and their corrupt, money grubbing politicians are legion. No need to even look at the recent history of GOP failures for even more pertinent examples, that is even a longer list.

So I repeat as much as repetition is necessary: How much longer can the mass media ignore the economic and social failures of the GOP and all their corrupt marching men and all their crazy pastors and the crazy NRA? The GOP even has one token and willing women who is being heavily funded by another token male GOP "candidate" religious zealot wannabe - just to use as an attack dog against Clinton? I am not making that up! How much more obvious can you get?

Even as the Governors of those very same failed and failing States seek to impose the same failures on all of America, I ask again: how much longer can such massive and obvious fakery - i.e. this current Planned Parenthood propaganda smear - be permitted to substitute fully for actual facts and truth and evidence?

Is propaganda now on par with reality?

I truly and hopefully doubt all the mass media can not keep up covering for this massive charade and national fraud being committed on the nation by the GOP - even as the Koch Corruption Conference convenes this weekend to audition and auction off carefully selected Presidential hopefuls to the highest bidder, even as the PP propaganda smear reaches new heights of folly and pretend politics, even as Nazi references about Obama are given a pass - how much longer can the CEO's of mass media, with all their personally owned corporate media toys and puppet script readers, keep covering for all the lies?

How many more pieces of oceanic passenger airline crash debris washing up on unknown shores can the media use to keep their patented media cloaking devices on full power?

When - or if the pessimists might add - the mass media starts doing their job as they promised when the free press got a mention and protection in the Constitution, when actual reporting of truth happens and the revolution IS being televised - when folks all over the land wake up from their national brain fart and realize the wannabe Emperors of the GOP really all have no clothes, maybe then we can all stop pretending the wannabe Emperors are all really not completely naked -you know what, it could the very well be a populist socialist in a landslide in the primary and the general.

I have no problem with that scenario unfolding - but is there any child left in America that has the courage to shout out in public what the public must already know?

The Emperor Has No Clothes, by Hans Christian Anderson, written in 1837


"This entire adventure in Iraq has been based on propaganda and manipulation. Eighty-seven billion dollars is too much to pay for the continuation of a war based on falsehoods. The Emperor has no clothes."

- U.S. Senator Robert C. Byrd in a Senate Hearing speech October, 2003.

August 2, 2015

The Extreme and Violent Background of the Group Consulting on the Planned Parenthood Videos


"The anti-choice group Operation Rescue has been consulting with the Center for Medical Progress (a fake company used to infiltrate PP) to attack Planned Parenthood with deceptively edited footage. Operation Rescue attempts to stop the "Abortion Holocaust" by "systematically harassing" abortion clinic workers. The group's leadership includes a convicted felon who attempted to bomb an abortion clinic, and it once issued a press release saying the killer of an abortion doctor should have been able to argue it was a "justifiable defensive action."

Operation Rescue Consulting With Center For Medical Progress To Attack Planned Parenthood

Center For Medical Progress Produced Anti-Planned Parenthood Video "In Consultation With Operation Rescue." Operation Rescue says the Center for Medical Progress' (CMP) campaign attacking Planned Parenthood was created "in consultation with" their group. CMP has released deceptively edited videos against Planned Parenthood that have been called out by observers. [OperationRescue.org, accessed 7/21/15; Media Matters, 7/15/15]

Operation Rescue's Senior Policy Advisor Was Jailed For Attempting To Bomb An Abortion Clinic

Cheryl Sullenger Was Sentenced To Prison For Conspiring To Bomb An Abortion Clinic. Cheryl Sullenger's Operation Rescue biography states that she is the group's senior policy advisor and "has been involved in the pro-life movement since 1984." That involvement includes attempting to bomb a San Diego abortion clinic in 1987. The Los Angeles Times reported in 1988 of Sullenger's sentencing......."


Anyone not getting this is a massive and coordinated propaganda campaign by extremist pro-birth groups funded by GOP operatives is part of the problem, along with the idiot media that refuses to call a spade a spade.

PP is being "ACORNED".....it is 100% obvious.

A total fraud, but it seems fraud is as believable and solid as truth in America.

So for those Americans unconvinced that the pro-birth crowd will kill in the name of Jesus and the fetus, know that the group behind this propaganda is another in a long line of extremists:

A Long History of Violence

"According to NARAL Pro-Choice America, in the past three decades anti-abortion activists have targeted providers with more than 6,400 acts of violence including bombings, arsons, death threats, kidnappings, assaults, and murders, as well as more than 175,000 acts of disruption including bomb threats and harassing phone calls. Based on these numbers, abortion providers in the U.S. are confronted with violence every 1.7 days and deal with other forms of harassment 16 times each day."

Because the pandemic Christian religious extremism in America will also not be televised.
July 23, 2015

Three Uppitys and You Are Dead.

Imagine the Sandra Bland tragedy from the perspective of a racist white cop in a traditional and historically racist county in the American South.

The South all on edge over a black President being uppity for 7 years, all the gays being uppity, Chicago black liberals invading the South with uppity "civil rights" demands, the Feds invading Texas with Jade Helm....Obummercare is legal. WTF is going on?

Not to mention the Confederate flag coming down..WTF??

All the while the never ending angry voices on the radio and TV keep pounding, pounding into your hayseed brain that all that is true, it must be true and then even the Pope gets in on the act, and the voices, the voices they keep shouting "the end is near, buy gold".....and so it seems.

All being directed by that Muslim loving Kenyan/Anti-Christ in the White House who stole the place by getting all the uppity blacks and browns and yellows to vote for him in an illegal election.

So now, as seen by the racist white cop, you are on patrol in your little Dixie slice of Racist Whiteland heaven and you see a late model car in front of you driving just as fine and carefree as an uppity black woman with Illinois plates on her late model car can be.

This racist white cop does not know it yet but he is about to be uppitied 3 times in about 30 minutes!

First this black woman from Chicsgo is getting uppity by turning suddenly into the other lane, just because the white cop had been rapidly coming up behind her for half a mile, so she turned to the right lane of a four lane divided highway. The second uppity was no signal light - while allowing a police vehicle to pass, apparently worthy of a stop and warning. And the third uppity is the refusal to put out a cigarette even though the cop had asked ever so politely and kindly. For no legal reason mind you, just a polite and kind request from a man with a heritage of Southern hospitality and pride because......reasons.

And then what happens? With two uppity strikes against her already mind you, this uppity black woman from Chicago - probably stole the car - gets again third time uppity like at...what? What did the cop do to get such uppity disrespect for a third time??

"Get out of the car". "I am going to light you up".

"ENOUGH, already!!", thinks the racist white cop in this racist white county, this uppity black woman thug from Chicago, in the stolen car no doubt, needs a lesson in how we in Dixieland treat any uppity black person down here in this County in the South...smart or not. "Fuck the law" he thinks as he demands the woman get out of the car. Maybe secretly thinking "Jesus, I hope she is not a civil rights activist or something because I just trampled on big time on civil rights here"!

That is how it happened.

Three Uppities, and then the rest of the story, and then you are dead.

Sandra Bland and her sisters and brothers in America die every day for no other reason than one inferiority-complex afflicted racist white cop thought he could get away with it, thought it was necessary all just to soothe his own personal wounded racist pride. That Sandra Bland was in Texas to begin a new chapter of a life dedicated to what seems to blacks in America an endless journey - justice - just compounds the tragedy.

And not just a tragedy for Sandra Bland's family and for blacks, a tragedy for whites who fail to understand this and other blatant abuses of civil rights is also about them.

The Charelston mass murder moved a nation to take down a racist flag, maybe it just has to take another tragedy to take down more than just symbols of racism in America.

Because the revolution will not be televised.

July 22, 2015

How come?


"Well, Dorothy, there ARE peace heroes. They don't get so many statues because peace doesn't need them".


Soon to be updated to include President Obama and SOS Kerry.

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