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Fred Sanders

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The Cost of Cruelty: Republicans are scared to death of exposure of their Medicaid Death Panels

Voters should know who’s holding up their health care and Democratics should run with the ACA! Not against it.

Not new, just ignored by the MSM thirsty for more ad money.


New report says thousands of uninsured will go without medical tests and treatments

January 30, 2014|By Tim Darragh and Steve Esack, Of The Morning Call
The Corbett administration's decision not to expand Medicaid under the new federal health-care law will result in an additional 400-1,500 deaths in Pennsylvania a year, nearly 13,000 additional families with catastrophic medical expenses and tens of thousands of cases of untreated depression, diabetes and missed screening tests, according to a study published Thursday.

Gathered by researchers from Harvard University and the City University of New York, the estimates show that in the states that opted out of expanding Medicaid, 7,000-17,000 additional deaths will occur among people who would have been covered had expansion been supported.


All it takes is a little courage and a little exposure. Shame the blood and money thirsty media into reporting the obvious or risk another Iraq war like debacle, where the truth is smothered under tons and tons of bullshit flung at any truth that dare be mentioned.


Here is an opinion on how:

"Louisiana isn’t the only state where Republicans are preventing thousands of low-income Americans from receiving health care. In Virginia, where state lawmakers refuse to expand Medicaid, hospitals will face higher costs and reduced services as a result. One million Texans will be denied access to coverage if the state continues to reject the Medicaid expansion. Meanwhile, Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant is willing to leave 300,000 of his neediest citizens uninsured. His reasoning? He’s afraid that the law might be repealed, leaving his state no way to meet its commitments — an ironic stance for a Republican to take, since they’re the ones trying to repeal it!

The 19 states that are refusing to expand Medicaid aren’t just leaving low-income Americans out to dry — they’re also leaving billions of health-care dollars on the table. While Bobby Jindal busies himself over a billboard, his state’s internal analysis found that Medicaid expansion would save Louisiana as much as $134 million in 2015 alone.

The real cost of Republican cruelty, however, cannot be measured in dollars and cents, but in people’s lives. Researchers at Harvard and the City University of New York concluded that without the Medicaid expansion, individuals will go without checkups, cancer screenings and treatment for diseases such as diabetes and depression — leading to thousands of premature and preventable deaths."


Alcohol is a poison and the most dangerous drug ever in existence, due to both

it's inherent chemical nature and it's widespread availability and societal acceptance.
Why do you think it gives a hangover, why does it destroy your liver, brain, stomach, intestines etc.? Simply because it is a poison and would be strictly controlled if it were not so addictive and hence so profitable.

And addiction to this most addicting of substances is not a moral failing, that is of course the official government line because if alcohol addiction were to be recognized as a disease, there goes the government and corporate profit margins. Better to bury your head in the sand and call it a personal failing.

And to call AA a failure and a scam simply because it does not work on the majority fails to recognize that NOTHING works on the majority of people suffering openly or silently from the powerful addiction to this awesomely powerful and poisonous drug. The best treatment centres in the world have little more success than AA or anything else. This drug IS that powerful and addictive. It is the most widespread and effective anesthetic ever invented for common use by the common man, on a self regulating basis. It causes more financial and personal damage than all illegal drugs combined.

The power of alcohol, not the powerlessness of addicts should be the focus.

And let's be clear, the book does not criticize AA so much as it focuses on the incredible and widespread addictive properties of this widely and easily available drug.

Obamacare Signups Hit 6 Million; 1 Million In 10 Days! 7 Million In Reach

Cue the "but, but how many have paid, how many have cancelled" fools......


It’s official: the government met its goal of 6 million Obamacare signups on Thursday, though it was a reduced goal.

Now, does it have a chance of reaching the Congressional Budget Office’s original projection of 7 million — made before the October debacle over the main HealthCare.gov enrollment site — with four days (and an undetermined grace period) of signups left?

The Political Cocktail Democrats Should Be Serving Up In 2014:

One part ACA covering tens of millions of new healthcare recipients, mix with equal part minimum wage increases, garnish with environmental protection and climate change, add a large sprig of Koch Brothers radical agenda demagoguery, top it up with infrastructure spending and serve in a tall glass from the Bully Pulpit.

Prepare shaken, well shaken, not stirred, perhaps a dash of courage, and pour all over the sleepy media.

Presto, a refreshing change in the House and Senate.
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